12 Volt Seed & Fertilizer Spreaders

Below are the different types of 12 Volt Seed and Fertilizer Spreaders.

The main areas of application of the SuperVario® are the spreading of:

  • Grass seeds for overseeding grasslands
  • Catch crops
  • Slug pellets
  • Silage additives when stuck in the silo

Main advantage:

Via the 12-volt drive, the spreader can always be run, independent of other drives such as cardan or hydraulics.
Thus, two operations can often be combined into one single operation. So costs can be reduced in practical use.

Spreading Widths

The operating width can be adjusted steplessly between 2 and 24 metres. The variable spreading width is achieved by being able to set the spreading disc of the SuperVario® steplessly from the driver’s cabin between 200 rpm and 3000 rpm.
In addition, the control unit has, as a standard, various monitoring functions such as the low-level indicator and automatic slide valve monitoring

Grassland overseeding:

For light grass seeds, the operating range is steplessly adjustable between 2 m and 6 m. For heavy grass seads (MG 500), a spreading width of up to 10 m is possible. This covers the most common operating widths for smoothing, compacting or harrowing.
With regard to different spreading materials, it is especially important that the throwing vanes are adjustable in a slotted hole. This enables lateral distribution to be set precisely. Adhere to the indications in the spreading tables of the instructions manual or on the internet.

catch cropsCatch crops:

For catch crops, the spreading range is steplessly adjustable between 2.5 and 17 m. Thus, the entire field of varying operating widths can be covered by soil-tilling implements.

Slug pellets:

Stepless adjustment between 3 and 24 m. For products with very fine grain size, the throwing range may deviate some.

(Ratron) field mouse baits:

For field mouse baits, the spreading range is steplessly adjustable between 3 m and 24 m.
(Warning – adhere to authorisations!)



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