Aeration / Seeding System

The AERVATOR is a multifunctional implement that relieves compaction, aerates, cultivates and renovates all growing conditions. The AERVATOR increases water and air penetration, promoting soil bacteria and root growth.

Combining the Aerator with a seeder maximizes the benefit of Aeration by directly impacting the plant/weed succession of your pasture. By aerating, seeding and harrowing in the one pass, you achieve all of the benefits of aeration, plus over-sow your chosen pasture crop into ideal conditions for it to out-compete weed species. The trailing harrows act to maximize soil to seed contact to facilitate high percentages of seed fertilization.

The Lehner SuperVario 12volt spreader allows you to do this by readily fitting to the framework (fitted in factory prior to delivery) of the Aervator. The Electronic control box for the SuperVario easily mounts to your tractor cabin (mounting bracket is supplied) with ample cable to the machine and to your 12 volt battery (Attachments supplied).

The application for the aeration/seeding system extends primarily to pasture, but can also be utilized in broadacre and horticultural crops, orchards, vineyards, turfgrass, sports fields and golf courses.

This system has become Australia’s favourite and most trusted aeration and seeding system for Hobby Farms and Small Acreages, whilst also being used in larger broad acre applications as well.

Key to this systems selling success is the superb workmanship and high utility of each component:

Aervator can be used separately to:

  • Aerate, Cultivate, Renovate and Roll
  • Open up the soil to relieve compaction
  • Prepare seed bed
  • Provide a pathway for water, fertilizer and lime movement
  • Reduce significantly water runoff, water logging and water erosion of valuable top soil.
  • The unique SuperTine© tine design and rotation action penetrates and cracks compacted soil and hard pans.
  • Ability to quickly offset the tine rollers from 0 – 10 degree setting. This will determine the aggressiveness of aeration / cultivation / over-seeding

Lehner SuperVario 12volt Spreader can be used separately to:
(Note, you can easily swap this machine around your ATV, UTE or tractor, depending on what the situation calls for!)

  • Sow grass and pasture seeds for overseeding grasslands
  • Spread granular fertilizer pellets
  • Quickly sow catch-crops
  • Spread Slug pellets

Hackett ‘Concord’ Pasture Harrows can be used separately to:

  • Spreads straw & field residues (Manure).
  • Effectively incorporate Herbicides for best results.
  • Break up clods and crusting in cultivated ground.
  • Pasture Renovation by scarifying and aeration.
  • Improve moisture penetration and stimulates new growth.
  • Works in fertilizer to both spread and maximise effectiveness.
  • Used extensively on grass pastures, paddock, cinder or sand race tracks, arenas and sports fields.
  • Smooth and dry paths and tracks, sports fields, golf courses, leveling & raking beaches and more.


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