“Soil fertility does not always equal soil productivity” Explains Geoff Modra, Managing Director FarmTech Machinery.

“All plants require a fertile soil in which to grow, but fertility alone is not enough. Plants also need water and air to produce a good crop. Adequate soil moisture is necessary for a good yield. Lack of water or too much water can both adversely affect yield.”

FarmTech Machinery, manufacturers and distributors of Australia’s premier high utility soil implement, the AERVATOR series, are keen exponents of the science behind solid aeration farming practices.

Air within the soil is necessary for plant root systems to utilize the nutrients. In the absence of air, the root system loses its ability to utilize the applied fertilizers and soil conditioners which are therefore wasted.”

“The historic reason for tilling the soil is to manage the residue from the last crop and provide a seed-bed for the next. However, besides promoting soil erosion, this practice produces more compaction and the buried trash is not likely to be converted into humus as the soil micro-organisms do not have the air required for conversion.”

Used by hundreds of Australian Farmers and now being exported around the world, the AERVATOR relieves compaction, promotes air and water movement, and mixes crop residue which improves aerobic microbial decomposition resulting in good quality humus formation. Crops growing on loose, well aerated soils will develop extensive root systems. Aeration is the key to putting your soil in good condition and keeping it productive in the future.

FarmTech Machinery’s whole ethos on Aeration and their patented AERVATOR Series revolves around the following key benefits:


Aervator provides a full 200mm of penetration enhancing air, water and fertilizer delivery to the root zone. The Aervator with one pass will significantly reduce water runoff and assist with getting fertilizer and lime down to the root system where it does the most good.

Plants respond with increased root development expanding the potential to harvest water and nutrients for greater dry matter production.

Unlocking valuable nutrients and making them plant available is the key to increasing fertiliser efficiency and fertilizer input savings. The Aervator system achieves this by leaving a void for air and moisture infiltration to the root zone thereby increasing biological activity and mineralisation.


The unique and patented Aervator tine design loosens the soil without destroying granular aggregation. The Aervator is not dragged through the soil, therefore horsepower requirements and associated fuel costs are low.


Use of the Aervator will relieve natural or machine-made compaction and hard pan layers. This will encourage a deeper, stronger root system while permitting sub soil moisture to rise during droughts by natural capillary action.


With the ability to offset the rollers, the Aervator will leave stubble on top of the ground to decay without destroying the soil structure. An Autumn/Spring pass will incorporate the residue and provide a seed bed in a single step.


Use of the Aervator will open the soil to increase the moisture evaporation and percolation rate and allow water-logged areas to become productive again sooner.


Because the Aervator does not destroy soil aggregation and leaves the residue on top of the ground, the conditions which promote soil erosion are avoided.

As Geoff rightly says “The Aervator has been designed to look after that part of the soil which gives you your income – top 8 inches!.”

For further information on Aeration and the AERVATOR Series of implements contact FarmTech Machinery on freecall 1800 880 802 and ask to speak to any of the trained and friendly sales team!

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