Breaking new ground

Join our In-Field Demonstration of Select Aervator Models!

Get a front-row seat to see how this revolutionary machine can work in any condition including yours! Invite your friends and get a big surprise for every referral!

Australian Farmers often struggle to maintain a Permanent Pasture due to Soil Compaction. Learn from the Manufacturer how to utilize your Aervator In Your Paddock!

Step 1
Schedule a demonstration
Step 2
See the machine work in your paddock
Step 3
Watch your Permanent Pasture Flourish!

When you use the Aervator, Soil Health and Pasture Productivity Goes Up!

That’s what you would like to believe when you purchase an Aerator. Imagine using it in your paddock multiple times, but it turns out it doesn’t work quite as well as you had hoped for.

Now, you want a guarantee and to see it work in your paddock before forking out your hard-earned money.

Without seeing how the Aervator performs in real-world conditions, you may struggle to assess its suitability for your specific needs, resulting in suboptimal performance and potential buyer’s remorse

Don’t let uncertainty affect your farm’s productivity! 

Hands-On Insights for Forward-Thinking Farmers: A Complimentary Demo Event!

Explore the capabilities of select Aervator models during our in-field demonstration tailored for Australian farmers.

Experience the Aervator firsthand and gain confidence in its performance and suitability for your farm.

Event Highlights

Part 1: Sign up and invite your friends!

Reserve your spot now for our exclusive in-field demonstration event and invite your fellow farmers to join.

Don’t miss out on this invaluable opportunity to experience the future of farming firsthand.

Part 2: See the machine work in your paddock

Demonstration proper, showcasing the machinery in action.

Receive a hands-on experience with the machinery, under supervision.

Part 3: Enjoy Huge Savings!

Invite your friends to join you at the demonstration and receive a 2% discount off your purchase for each one who buys.

Spread the word and enjoy greater savings on your machinery investment.

Elevate and Aerate: Learn the best practices on fighting soil compaction and permanent pasture upkeeping!

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to witness the latest innovations in farm machinery firsthand. Join us for a half-day event where you can see our cutting-edge equipment in action and learn how it can revolutionize your farming operation.

Strive for Excellence: The difference is night and day!

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