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A NEW range of discing and mulching equipment will be unveiled at the Henty field days by Farm Tech Machinery.

The French-made Agrisem equipment can be used to mulch stubble, loosen soil, prepare seed beds, turn in green manure crops and even sow crops.

Farm Tech’s Derek Modra said Agrisem was one of the first manufacturers in the world to produce a multi-disc machine and hence years of experience had gone into the design of the current range.

“Agrisem is one of the pioneers of multi-disc implements, having started manufacturing them in 1998,” Derek said.

“The machines are extremely well made and very functional and feature several patented design technologies.”

Next week’s Henty field days will be the first public outing of the Agrisem range, which includes the Disc-O-Mulch, Maxi-Mulch, Disc-O-Sem and Cultiplow 52.

“With the range of Agrisem implements, you can perform a variety of ground preparation tasks from discing to soil loosening and stubble mulching,” Derek said.

“They provide a great alternative to power harrowing when it comes to seed bed preparation and, with the Disc-O-Sem, there is a seeding unit incorporated into the design so you can do it all in one pass.”

The Disc-O-Sem relies on a ground-drive system and can deliver a variety of seed sizes at rates of one to 200kg/ha.

“Or you can loosen the soil sub-surface with an implement such as the Cultiplow, which can be fitted with Agrisem’s winged-shaped tine shoes which can be used as a deep ripper,” Derek said.

“It’s a patented design that loosens sub-soil profiles and leaves the surface alone.”

The Cultiplow is available up to a 6m-wide unit, while the Disc-O-Mulch can be up to 12m in width and available as trailing, hydraulic-fold designs.
The Cultiplow can rip to a depth of 500mm.

Derek said the base toolbar of the range was very heavy-duty.
“The main frame is made of 9mm-thick steel in a 120 by 120mm box steel, so it’s very hard-wearing,” he said.

The disc machines in the range have a double spiral, coil tine system made of 35mm-thick steel.

“The unique coil design allows the discs to move up and down and sideways to ensure a good shattering effect for chopping straw,” Derek said.

When used in a two-gang disc set-up, the front discs are 610mm in diameter while the rear discs are 560mm in diameter.

There is an option to use discs of the same size, but Derek said having one set of discs turning slightly faster than the other aided straw chopping.

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