5 Different Aervator Models: Know what’s Best for You

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Different Aervator Models for Different Purposes
Are the different Aervator Models confusing you? That’s just understandable because, as of the moment, there are five different Aervator models. Knowing and familiarizing yourself with each one will greatly increase your chance of choosing the right one.
Each machine’s designs help them fit in the right situation. From lawns, all the way to enormous acreage of industrial farms, you cannot let the threat of Soil Compaction pass you by.
In this article, we will discuss what each Aervator Model is capable of. So, read on and find out to see what’s best for you.

Understanding the Aervator

Aervator is a brand of aerators launched and manufactured by Farmtech LTD. Now, farmers all over Australia have a cost-effective and productive way of aerating the soil to prevent soil compaction and boost grass growth and turf health.
Farmtech puts an emphasis on the durability and ruggedness of our machines. We used tough, heavy-duty Australian steel to build all the parts and components as well as to assemble the Aervator’s structure
One easy example of this in practice is the rotating tines in all of our Aervator Models. Our manufacturing process involves dipping them in a hot galvanized finish to help them last longer than ever before.

What does the Aervator Do?

For those who are new to the machines, Aervators are used to relieve soil compaction through soil perforation. It involves piercing the soil over and over again to break up the surface. This process provides entry points for water, air, and nutrients toward the grassroots.

This process called aeration also propagates the growth and activity of aerobic bacteria that live in the soil. These microorganisms help improve the soil quality and increase the nutrients available for the plants.

All in all, the method helps in developing vigorous deep root systems. This helps give your plant better protection and resistance against the drought season. After routine application, channels and cracks will appear in the soil profile. As a result, rain and irrigation seep deep into your field where it’s most useful instead of running off into the creek.

By utilizing this process, you can expect a healthier, greener pasture and better-fed and better-nourished livestock.

5 Different Aervator Models

GH SeriesGH Series – The premiere Aervator workhorse. Built in Australia, nothing comes close when it comes to this machine’s durability. We used premium-quality, heavy-duty Australian Steel so it can perform better and last longer than the competition. The GH comes with a multi-gang system arranged in a single row. This gives you plenty of options, from zero degrees of Aeration to 10 degrees of aggression, enough to do some light cultivation. Availble in fixed frame or folding frame configurations. 

MAXI Series – Over-spec’d model reserved for heavy-duty use. Double the tines mean double the work. Excellent for contractors or large acreage farms. Comes with a multi-gang system with two rows of two gangs for earth-shattering Soil Compaction relief. Can be ordered as a Fixed or folding frame

CFT Series – Designed and constructed with a center-folding structure to fit through standard gateways. Available in 4-meter to 12-meter wide models. Both GH and MAXI models are available as folding units.

SGH Series – Compact version of the GH Series. Best suited for smaller farms and less-powerful tractors. Ideal for hobby farms, orchards, or vineyards that are suffering from compaction

TURF Series – Light-weight, low-profile, and cost-effective implement specifically intended for Aerating lawns. Turf AerVators are designed with thinner tines to relieve compaction with minimal effect on the grass.

So, Which Among the Aervator Models is Best for You?

It’s a handful but that’s just Farmtech’s way of making sure that everyone will get the right equipment for the right job.

If you want a live person that will help you make the right decision in real-time, press the button below so we can talk to you over the phone.


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