Produce a loose, even seedbed that propagates better crop growth even in narrow spaces. Compacted soil hinders root growth and reduces water infiltration, leading to poor crop yields. The Moreni Compact with its smaller profile and ability to adjust seamlessly to field contours makes it perfect for vegetable farms, vineyards, and for renovating paddocks.

Working Width

1.75 M - 3.00 M

Operation Type


Required HP

40-190 HP

Blade Length

33 cm

Compact – Power Harrrow – Moreni

Create a loose, even seedbed in your pasture or vegetable fields

Compact Working Width / HP
1.75m / 45-160 hp
2.0m / 50-160 hp
2.25m / 55-160 hp
2.5m / 65-160 hp
2.75m / 70-160hp
3.0m / 70-160 hp

Deep Compaction Relief

Heavy-Duty Build

Seedbed preparation


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

MODEL Compact
1.75-SC 2-SC 2.25-SC 2.25 2.5 2.75 3
Total Width (mm) 1695 1915 2135 2355 2575 2820 3065
Number of Rotors (pcs) 7 8 9 9 10 11 12
PTO Speed 540 / 320
Blade sizes (mm) 300
Power Required (hp) 45 - 160 50 - 160 55 - 160 60 - 160 65 - 160 70 - 160 70 - 160

Compact Power Harrrow – Moreni

Australian Farmers often struggle to find a light, versatile power harrow that can be used for seedbed preparation, pasture renovation, or vegetable farms. The Moreni Compact Power Harrow has the same blades and is lighter but delivers the same quality output as bigger Moreni power harrows.


Compact Power Harrrow Overview


The Compact Power Harrow is a heavy-duty implement designed to prepare your fields for sowing. It is known for its robust construction and its ability to leave a perfect seedbed for crops. This machine is particularly useful for vegetable farms, vineyards, and for renovating paddocks.

Moreni’s Compact Power Harrow is the smallest model in their range. However, it is still built with their signature sturdy construction that all Moreni Power Harrows boast. This implement is ideal for farmers who require excellent soil preparation to achieve the best possible crop yield.

Design and Standard Features

Compact and Versatile Design

 Despite being the smallest model in the Moreni range, the Compact Power Harrow maintains the brand’s signature sturdy construction. Its compact size makes it particularly suited for vegetable farms, vineyards, and pasture renovation, offering flexibility and efficiency in diverse farming environments.

Heavy-Duty Construction

 Built for durability and strength, the harrow features a heavy-duty build with CAT 2 three-point linkage, ensuring robust performance even in extreme working conditions. The use of high-quality thick steel in its construction ensures longevity and resistance to wear and tear.

Powerful 160HP Gearbox

Equipped with a heavy-duty 160HP gearbox, the Compact Power Harrow ensures efficient power transfer from the tractor to the rotors and tines, enabling effective soil penetration and preparation, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation.

Leveling Bar and Packer Roller

These features ensure that the soil is finely crumbled and evenly leveled. The leveling bar prevents clumps from bypassing the machine, while the packer roller finishes the job by compacting the soil lightly, creating a perfect seedbed ready for sowing.

Standard 2-Blade Rotor Configuration

The harrow includes a standard 2-blade rotor design, providing gradual and effective soil penetration. With 17-23 rotor revolutions per PTO rotation, it ensures excellent soil mixing and crumbling for optimal seedbed preparation.

Minimum Horsepower Requirements

 Suitable for tractors ranging from 45 to 80 horsepower, the Compact Power Harrow is accessible to a wide range of farmers, from those with smaller operations to those with more extensive requirements, ensuring effective soil preparation without the need for high-powered equipment.

Adjustable Working Widths

 With working widths ranging from 1.8m to 3.0m, the Compact Power Harrow offers versatility to suit various plot sizes and farming requirements, making it adaptable to a wide range of field conditions.

At FarmTech Machinery, we know you are the kind of farmer who wants to create loose seedbeds, healthy pastures, and productive vegetable beds. To be that way, you need a reliable yet compact power harrow that is able to deliver outstanding results.

The problem is that most power harrows are oversized and often too heavy for delicate tasks. We believe you should have a powerful and compact harrow that’s as effective as the bigger models without sacrificing material and component quality.

We understand every Australian farmer’s need for a reliable and robust harrow. That’s why we are introducing the Compact – Power Harrow by Moreni. These models are compact in size, but the structure and gear wheels are widely oversized and identical to the ones of superior models. Furthermore, the machine does not compromise on materials and components.

So get in touch with Farmtech today, so you can stop worrying about getting around small spaces in your farm and start preparing your seedbeds with high efficiency.

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Manufactured in Australia