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“Farmers T boot at Dairy Week”
Written by Mark Saunders & published in The Weekly Times January 29, 2010

INTERNATIONAL Dairy Week at Tatura is not renowned for its machinery displays but showing its latest range of cultivation and seeding equipment proved a good decision for FarmTech Machinery.

FarmTech sales and marketing manager Phil Hartley said he was run off his feet with interest from dairy farmers.

“The new Agromaster seeders proved very popular at Dairy Week,” Phil said.
“There is a clearly a market for well-built, no-fuss equipment and Dairy Week was a great venue to get in front of dairy farmers.

“Agromaster seeders are well suited to cost-efficient pasture renovation or small-scale cropping.”

FarmTech Agromaster seeders are available in two sizes. One has a working width of 2.5m and the other model has a working width of 3m.

The seeders also come in two designs; with T boot coulters or double discs.
The T boot is a combination of a disc-shaped knife and a T-shaped boot while the double disc seeders have a leading disc which cuts through trash or stubble and a following disc which creates a furrow for the seed to be placed in.

The down pressure on the discs can be changed by a central screw adjuster.

The T boot models have spring release tines, allowing the coulter to jump over rocks and other obstructions.

On the double disc machines, the fertiliser bin has a 249-litre capacity on the 2.5m model while the 3m model has a 274-litre capacity.

The seed bin on the 2.5m, double disc seeder has a 180 litre capacity and the 3m unit has a 220 litre capacity.

The T boot models have a 200 litre seed tank on the 2.5m models while the 3m models have a 280 litre capacity seed tank.

FarmTech plans to run several more infield demonstrations of the seeders in the next month.

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