FarmTech Aervator – A Quick Guide To One Of Our Favourite Machines

armTech Aervator - A Quick Guide To One Of Our Favourite Machines

Time and quality are the two main elements that farmers across Australia must address to be competitive in the agricultural market. Sometimes, upgrading your pasture can become time-consuming, leaving you behind while others reap the benefits of aerating their soil. To help save precious time, you require high-quality equipment that can keep up with the harsh Australian conditions and deliver a first-class pasture with the least effort. 


What Does the FarmTech Aervator Do?

Primarily, the Aervator is a multifunctional implement that relieves soil compaction with relative ease. Consequently, it allows water, air, and other essential nutrients to pass down to the roots of your crops where they’re needed the most, resulting in a healthier, nutritious harvest. Additionally, using the Aervator promotes the growth and activity of aerobic bacteria. This bacteria is crucial for enhancing the soil’s quality and supplementing nutrients available for the plants. 

Embracing the use of the Aervator help to create deep root systems that become highly drought resistant. When you consider the arid conditions of Australia and the unpredictability of rain, you realise that using this equipment to prepare the soil should be a critical step in your operation. Bear in mind that deep-rooted plants can absorb more minerals and essential elements, making for healthier crops. 


Why the GH Series Aervator?

We are a local-based firm that produces equipment and machinery that can withstand and thrive in Australian conditions. The GH Series Aervator is just one of the implements we refer to as the workhorse above all aervators. It features heavy-duty parts and high-quality materials that set it apart from competitors and increase its longevity. 

We designed the GH Series to go about its primary work without disturbing or ruining grass in your pasture. So, we’ve offered you five control settings to match what you need on the field. 

In terms of width, the GH Series proudly accommodates a standard set of six fixed-width models that include working from as little as two metres up to five metres. The tractor you use only requires a power output of between 45 to 140 Horsepower. Every one of our GH Series Aervators has a multi-gang system that ensures it deeply perforates the soil with every pass. Available configurations include centre folding trailing units from 4m to 8m.

Farmers who need more width than that can capitalise on the colossal 12-metre foldable machine.

With the GH Series, you won’t have to focus on maintenance too much, thanks to its durable, large rotor bearings. Furthermore, every aeration blade is resistant to abrasion and features a dipped, galvanised finish to enhance its durability. 


Why Trust Us for the GH Series Aervator? 

We’ve been in the industry for over 25 years and, during that time, have garnered a reputation for manufacturing and delivering high-quality equipment to our clients. We’re a family-run business that understands the importance of producing machines that can operate while exposed to harsh conditions. Apart from the FarmTech Aervator, we manufacture a range of rotary slashers, soil aerators, 3-point linkage and trailing implements to take care of all your needs on the farm. 


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