Why Choose Agrisem Machinery

Agrisem Machinery

Why Choose Agrisem Machinery

If you’re looking at improving your soil granulation and surface uniformity, you should consider disking. Disking breaks down large chunks of compacted soil provokes weed growth and destroys emerging ones while creating the ideal conditions for healthy and strong root development. 

With 6 variations of Speed Discs on offer, your business will be up to speed with Farmtech. Our range of Agrisem machinery is the answer to your high-performance needs. 

Minos DTM

For farmers looking for modern soil cultivation equipment, have a look at the Minos Agri DTM is a multidisc tiller. Minos Disk Tiller cultivates the soil in depth, prevents erosion, and puts the base occurring away. The equipment operates by not causing a base according to the disc harrow and allows rainwater and oxygen to bottom layers. Working speed is generally 10-12kmph and adjustment of the cage roller can be made with a hydraulic cylinder.

Unia Ares 

UNIA is the largest manufacturer of agricultural machines in Poland, with over 25,000 machines sold per year, FarmTech is one of the proud importers of their products in Australia. Their speed disc cultivators are designed for pre-sowing and stubble tillage. Their rows of discs provide easy cutting of the soil, with intense mixing of any plant residues with hay. Made with only the highest quality Swedish steel, these machines have a high area performance at low fuel consumption and low wearing rate. 


An independent discs stubble-breaker that answers to high-performance needs. This machine is suitable for the destruction of crop residue and the preparation of the seedbed. Our large choice of rollers available enables efficient soil consolidation in every kind of condition.


Own a vineyard? The disc-o-Vigne is what you need. With its 510mm mulcher discs, it’s ideal for vineyards. The mulcher discs are placed at optimal angles with a positive pitch to save power and the machine also boasts hydraulic folding for easy transport.

Maximulch Series 3

This machine offers the best of both worlds. The Maximulch Series 3 offers the functions of a soil loosener and a stubble breaker. Different types of rollers enable you to complete the work of the machine for optimal support in any condition.

With over 23 years of experience in importing and manufacturing specialised farm machinery, we understand the needs of the Australian Farming industry. If you’re interested in any of the products listed above or have any more questions regarding our other farming machinery available, give us a call on (02) 8776 3354 or get in contact with us at sales@farmtech.com.au


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