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Cattle brings in the bacon on all dairy farms, and they can yield large returns if managed correctly. By providing them with proper bedding in their living area you’re encouraging growth and milk production as well as healthy cattle to keep your herd expanding!

No matter which type of livestock management strategy that you employ, one goal is universal: maintaining high rates of gain for your animals. Providing adequate shelter from inclement weather or harsh conditions will only help promote this strong rate of weight gain. 


Do your cattle need bedding?

Cattle aren’t too talkative, but they will let you know if their bedding isn’t doing the trick. The first step in making that determination is to listen for discomfort and a drop off in performance from your cattle. If they’re struggling with discomfort, there’s a good chance that bedding will make them feel much better and give your farm more success. 


Best bedding practices

Choosing the right material

If you’re looking for a stable, low-cost bedding source that can be stockpiled ahead of time and doesn’t require the hassle or cost of hauling in fresh hay every day then cornstalks might just fit your needs. Just make sure to use enough – producers recommend 1/3 as much straw per animal than what was historically used when it came to traditional hays like alfalfa and timothy because they’re taller with less surface area for cows’ hooves which means more litter will end up on the floor!

Size it right

Once you’ve identified basic bedding needs, the next step is determining how much to use. If there is a lot of mud or other fluids on the floor, using less might make it worse! Bedding material should be distributed evenly and sized accordingly for every space in order to clean that specific area effectively.

Keep in mind that bigger isn’t always better. If moisture is your biggest concern in bedding, your material’s absorbency is a big consideration. Opt for longer cuts if the temperature is your problem. 

Year-Round Upkeep

Determining the right type, quantity and size of bedding material for your beef herd is a key component to keeping it healthy. This starts during the growing season by accounting for their needs in managing crops that will sustain them through the colder months. The bales must be durable enough to hold up and easy to manage when you need more later down the road so they can get what they need without any hassle or delay!


Choosing The Right Machinery 

Using a machine like the Tubeline Bale Boss 2 OR a teagle tomahawk has major advantages. The processor is the ideal tool for all your large square processing needs. From bedding to feeding, this machine can do it all. Its adjustable distribution chute allows it to bed livestock bales of straw, then feed into bunkers or windrows with a quick adjustment. The Boss 2 is also equipped with optional cutting knives that help to further chop up bedding material for a finer and more consistent spread. 

At Farmtech we know comfortable cattle are productive cattle. We take pride in providing bale processors that help promote strong, healthy cattle. We are specialists in importing, exporting and manufacturing farm machinery. If you want to learn more about the Tubeline Bale boss or have any questions regarding our other machinery,  give us a call on (02) 8776 3354 or get in contact with us at sales@farmtech.com.au. 

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