How A Mouse Bait Spreader Can Protect Your Farm

A mouse bait spreader from Farmtech

Thanks to wet weather conditions and an increase in bumper crops, mice have been provided the perfect conditions to breed in large numbers. The only way to control this spread is to install safety measures like a mouse bait spreader to defend against any potential mice havens. 


Why are mice so dangerous?

The field mouse is noted as a major pest in Australia, with their ability to breed quickly and destroy crops. Because of the consecutive spell of dry seasons, their natural predators have dwindled in numbers. This has allowed for them to thrive, with one mouse able to have up to 500 offspring in one breeding season. 


How could this affect your crop?

Mice can target cereal, canola and legume crops, leaving damage that is hard to notice unless you are looking for it. In cereal crops, mice will target the node or the stem of the plant, while in canola and legume crops they will chew on the pods and flowers. 

Mice often live in burrows that are inconspicuous unless you are actively searching for them. They will often target paddocks and areas with an abundance of residual food for these burrows. With this availability of food, a small number of mice can grow into an infestation in the space of a few weeks. 

Covid-19 travel restrictions have also impeded the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation from doing accurate monitoring of paddocks across Australia. This means the true potential number of mice has not been accurately calculated. 


What should you do? 

The Australian Government recommends farmers bait fields and paddocks with 1kg/ha of Zinc phosphide-coated baits. For optimal results, lay the bait when the land is dry and remove any excess food in the immediate area. It is also recommended that the bait is spread over a large area to reduce the chance of a resurgent population.  This along with routine monitoring of paddocks and crops will help you keep atop of any potential mouse infestation. However, without the help of a mouse bait feeder, covering a large anchorage of field regularly would be impossible. 


How a Mouse Bait Spreader can help

Mouse Bait Spreaders are purpose built to deliver the 1kg/ha needed to spread bait over large areas of land. This means mouse populations can be controlled, with a feeder providing efficient continuous spreading of bait. These are attached to farm vehicles and can be adapted to spread the required amount of bait for the area of your farm which you are monitoring. 

These feeders are often a long-term investment, with the spreaders being sturdy enough to handle multiple seasons of baiting. Can be mounted to vehicles like tractors and utes or side by sides, the bait spreaders can be easily mounted and dismounted, allowing for flexibility with your vehicles. Spreaders like the Iris IE Series Electric Spreader and the Lehner SuperVario can cover a width of over 20m and have adjustable spreading patterns. They are often powered by an internal or external 12v power source and are also easy to use, with the Iris IE Series Electric Spreader coming with a remote control to turn the spreader on and off. 


Choosing the right Mouse Bait Spreader

With the correct Mouse Bait Spreader, the mouse population around your farm can be controlled. If you are looking to invest in a Mouse Bait Spreader but are not sure on the right one, our friendly staff at FarmTech have over 40 years of experience finding the perfect farming machinery for each individual. If you have any further questions regarding the right spreader for you, you can get in touch with our friendly team on (02) 8776 3354 or get in contact with us at sales@farmtech.com.au. 


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