How To Use A Seed Box On Your Farm

seed box

Seed boxes are an important part of the seed sowing process. These boxes transport and evenly distribute the seeds across the seedbed before being covered in dirt by spring tine harrows, giving excellent seed soil contact. Here is why they are vital to your next pasture renovation.

What part of the process are seed boxes used in?

Seedboxes are used during the process of sowing seeds. Seed boxes are usually mounted above tillage equipment allowing the operator to till and sow. This can be done in a single pass, with ploughing having occurred first. The seeds will be then compacted by the packing section of the tillage machine.

What do seed boxes do?

The role of a seed box is tenfold, not only does it help with the transportation of seeds but it also reduces wasted seed. Seeds can be measured and then placed in the seed box ready for transportation. This is also true for seedlings that have started to grow as they can be still moved easily with a seed box. The seed box then ensures equal distribution of seed, which results in more product. This is because seeders can plant at the exact depth of maximum yield, the seeder box then distributes seeds in a uniform way so all seeds have enough space in that plot to grow. Furthermore, these measurements can be adjusted depending on the crop and the needs of the farmer. These factors all increase the germination of the seeds.

Farming industries that seed boxes are used in

Seed Boxes are used in all aspects of crop farming, particularly in the areas where the crop grows above ground. The system is most commonly seen in maize farming but also has uses for sorghum, cotton and sunflower crops. Seed boxes have also been used in other forms of farming, including in canola farming where there have been improved yields.

Seed boxes have also found mass use in pasture restoration, particular in countries like Australia where pastures face heavy damage from extreme weather. This is because when planted in a cover cropping, the crops grow close. This allows for seeding protection, soil protection and soil improvement in all seasons.

What seed boxes are available

At farmtech our premium seed box is Unia Alfa Seedbox. The Unia Alfa Seedbox delivers seeds via mechanical grooved sowing apparatus through a spool installed before the roller. It has a driving wheel to increase the ease of use. The Unia Alfa Seedbox also has acid resistant steel that can withstand any herbicides and pesticides that may have been sprayed before it was used. This seed box also has two unique features in its aftercrop spreader and fertiliser. This seed box can double as a fertiliser, with its distribution system being designed to facilitate the spreading of fertiliser. This seed box is also equipped to sow after crop. After-crop is a seed that is grown later in the season with the same soil used for the previous crop. Hence, if you are looking at performing a second harvest for a later season crop, this machine can facilitate that without having to clear a new patch of land.

If you are interested in learning more about the Unia Alfa Seedbox or just want to learn more about seed boxes, contact FarmTech. Our friendly team can help you pick out the right machine for your farm. Call us today on (02) 8776 3124 or email our team at sales@farmtech.com.au.

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