Introducing Minos’ Rotary Disc Mower

Minos' Rotary Disc Mower

One of our greatest, most useful, and sought-after products is the Minos’ Rotary Disc Mower. This powerful machine attaches to your tractor and can clear your meadows, pastures, or wild plants in record timing. Many farmers are purchasing the rotary disc mower to improve profits and optimise agricultural processes due to its various functions and great benefits.

Features of the Minos Agri Rotary Disc Mower

This is the perfect product for someone looking for an efficient and reliable mower that guarantees a clean cut while handling the tough Australian terrain. The rotary disc mower is designed with specific features to ensure optimal results.

  • Triple threat: Each of the discs on the mower includes three blades to ensure a much closer cut and to cut grass or hay much faster than other mowers. The blades are rounded, as round discs are less susceptible to impact from stones and rubble. This feature leads to an aggressive cut without getting any stones caught in the blades. Less damage also means less maintenance and repair. Built with an innovative safety mechanism to prevent wear and tear, this machine is designed to last.
  • Hydraulic piston: The Minos Rotary Disc Mower features a hydraulic piston which allows the mower to adjust according to the slope and terrain of the ground. Whether cutting on flat ground or a hill, this dynamic machine can handle uneven Australian terrain. The cut grass can also be distributed in your desired size by adjusting the direction changer on the machine.
  • Transportable: The new hydraulic lift feature added to the Minos Rotary Disc Mower allows the machine to easily transport through narrow gates and pathways. The ‘cutterbar’ is kept upright, increasing manoeuvrability for transport and for more convenient storage.
  • Cutterbar upgrades: The cutterbar on this product has a high oil capacity, meaning that the machine can operate at a low working temperature, despite Australian heat. The cutterbar is fully welded, giving it a stiff and strong design, leading to high durability. Added rock protection ensures your product will be an addition to your collection of farm machinery for years to come.

Why Choose FarmTech

FarmTech is an Australian farmer equipment company that manufactures and imports top-quality agricultural machinery. With over 40 years in the farming industry, our company supplies a wide range of state-of-the-art machines that can handle all your agricultural needs.

FarmTech focuses on quality products for all your agricultural needs. The Minos Agri Rotary Disc Mower is the ideal machine for every Australian farmer looking to reap all kinds of fodder in preparation for nailing or for pit silage. To find out more about this useful addition to your agriculture equipment, feel free to call us on (02) 8776 3124 or contact us at sales@farmtech.com.au. Our friendly team are happy to assist you to find the product you need or to give you agricultural advice

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