Introducing the JF Spin 3000 S2 – Ideal Flexibility for the Australian Farmer

JF Spin 3000 S2 Rake

Many farmers use two different implements for tedding and raking during the hay-making and baling process. The innovative JF Spin 3000 S2 combines the two functions of tedding and raking into a single implement, saving you considerable parking space in the shed, lowering your maintenance costs and time commitment, and providing a better long-term return on investment for the Australian farmer.

The size of farm machinery is a problem that often confronts small- to medium-scale farmers in Australia. The JF Spin 3000 S2 offers an impressive work rate of 3 hectares per hour yet requires only a small-size tractor capable of generating 12kW at the PTO. The implement weighs about 300kg—a weight that any Category I or II 3-point linkage and hydraulic lift system can easily handle. You don’t need to upgrade your tractor to use the JF Spin 3000 S2 on the farm.


Benefits of the JF Spin 3000 S2

The JF Spin 3000 S2 is powered from the tractor PTO using a cardan shaft for enhanced durability. The two guide wheels are adjustable to the right height for ideal tedding or raking of cut hay, even over uneven or hilly terrain, promoting faster drying of the hay and preventing the growth of mildew and grass fermentation. A quick look at the JF Spin 3000 S2 will reveal the benefits for any farmer:


  • The operator can easily switch between tedding and raking modes by simply adding or removing deflectors.
  • The deflectors are fully adjustable, allowing operators to rake hay from the edges of fields and from ditches for minimum waste of valuable stock feed.
  • The working width is 3 metres. Depending on the volume and state of the hay, that width results in a work rate of 3 hectares per hour for both tedding and raking. This rate is fast enough to feed a following baler optimally for uniform bales.
  • The dry hay is efficiently raked into neat windrows for easy consumption by an automatic baler, again ensuring minimal loss of valuable feed for the animals.
  • The combination tedder-raker implement adheres to all standards of safety for farming equipment in Australia.
  • The JF Spin 3000 S2 is precision engineered. The full range of spares is available from us to maintain your new combination tedder-raker in Australia for many years after the purchase date.


About FarmTech

We have been manufacturing, exporting, and importing farming equipment since 1997 and have over 200 dealers nationwide who sell and support our range of products. Our manufacturing is based on providing durable implements that are often uniquely required by local farmers—and we never compromise on quality to gain a price advantage.


We know you have a need for an implement that can tedder hay efficiently but also rake windrows. That’s why we’re excited to present you with the JF Spin 3000 S2, a perfect match for the Australian farmer. Contact us to find your nearest dealer or get more information.

To find out more about this useful addition to your agriculture equipment, feel free to call us on (02) 8776 3124 or contact us at sales@farmtech.com.au. Our friendly team are happy to assist you to find the product you need or to give you agricultural advice.

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