Introducing the Tanco 1400V High-Speed Bale Wrapper

Tanco 1400V Bale Wrapper

The Tanco 1400V Bale Wrapper caters to heavy-duty farmers who aim to maximise the profitability of their machines and speed up their turnaround times with a host of useful features.

To improve your profitability this silage season, the Tanco 1400V high-speed bale wrapper is the obvious choice. It boasts several incredible features and accomplishes more work in less time. Today we’re taking a deep dive into the Tanco 1400V bale wrapper so that you can comprehensively understand the product before making any purchasing decisions.


The Obvious – Saving Time and Money

The Tanco 1400V operates at unrivalled speed, allowing you to do more work, inevitably saving you time and money. You can expect a whopping 110 perfectly wrapped bales in an hour, which makes the Tanco 1400V bale wrapper a truly outstanding machine in its field – no pun intended.


Features – What Sets the Tanco 1400V Apart From Rival Wrappers?

The Tanco 1400V bale wrapper has many features that any bale wrapper would be glad to have out in the field. These features include:

  • Automatic Start: a feature that saves you time and provides a quality-of-life improvement for any bale wrapper. With the automatic start functionality, the Tanco 1400V starts the loading sequence to ready a bale for wrapping once a bale contacts the auto-start paddle. This paddle is also conveniently located to avoid difficulty lining up the next bale.
  • Variable Speed Hydraulics: a massive part of the Tanco 1400V system is the hydraulics handling the wrapping speed of the bales. With variable speed, you can increase or lower the wrapping speed with ease, allowing you to control the consistency of the wrap. Due to this feature, you can also expect fewer vibrations from the hydraulics, increasing the machine’s lifespan.
  • Patented Telescopic Cut and Start: having effective hydraulics to help wrap the bales properly is one thing, but without film cutting mechanisms, the machine will cause problems. With the patented telescopic cut and start, you can expect the film to undergo perfect cuts every time, saving you the hassle of having to readjust film after every wrapped bale.


Should You Invest in the Tanco 1400V High-Speed Bale Wrapper?

The most apparent reason to invest in the Tanco 1400V high-speed bale wrapper doesn’t only come down to requiring wrapping bales. The main reason you should want to invest in the Tanco 1400V is to see your productivity increase.

Optimising your bale wrapping routines will become much simpler, and you will save ample time avoiding tedious problems that more traditional wrappers might experience, such as improper film cutting, shorter lifespans, or slow-to-start loading processes.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Tanco 1400V high-speed bale wrapper or have any questions regarding its capability, give us a call on (02) 8776 3124 or email us at sales@farmtech.com.au if you have questions regarding specs or availability. At FarmTech, we aim to please the farmers of the future, and with the Tanco 1400V, you’re certainly headed in the right direction.

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