Jaw-Dropping Tool for Bales

The latest Tanco gadget from FarmTech can save time and hassles when handling round bales wrapped in plastic or netting.

 The I70 Bale Shear grabs the bale and clamps onto the plastic covering.

The Tanco TCI70 Bale Shear, which will be on display at the Seymour Alternative Farming Expo, can be used to transport bales and also remove the plastic or netting from the bale without leaving the tractor cabin. FarmTech’s Phil Hartley said the Bale Shear was ideal for properties where hay and silage was handled regularly.

‘‘The TCI70 is a great tool for reducing time when it comes to taking plastic wrap or net wrap off hay bales,’’ Phil said.

‘‘It removes the need for someone to cut the wrap or net from the bale, which not only saves time, it is much safer and a lot cleaner for the person handling the hay.’’

The Tanco TCI70 looks like a large steel jaw with triangular ‘‘teeth’’ along the top and a set of spikes along the bottom. It can quickly and easily be attached to the front-end loader of a tractor.

The Bale Shear, which is operated from the tractor cabin, grabs the round bale by closing its jaw. The bale can then be picked up and moved.

 The I70 Bale Shear splits the bale and retains the plastic and net!

Once in position—for example, to be placed into a feed mixer wagon—the Bale Shear’s jaws are closed. At the same time, a smaller clamp closes on the bale’s net wrap or plastic.

The jaws close and shear the wrap or netting, as well as the bale.

When the jaws are opened, the hay falls away while the plastic or wrap is left in the small clamp.

‘‘You don’t have to cut the plastic or net wrap with a knife and you don’t end up covered in silage or the contents of the bale,’’ Phil said.

The TCI70 weighs 450kg and can handle bale weights up to 1400kg. The maximum bale length is 1.3m and maximum bale diameter is 1.35m.

‘‘It’s one of Tanco’s most popular pieces of equipment in Europe, as it’s such a great time-saver when handling hay bales,’’ Phil said.

For details, phone 1800 880 802.

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