How a One Pass Renovator Can Save you Time and Money

fully assembled one-pass renovator


Greener and Healthier Pasture at Half the Cost!


With all prices sharply on the rise, Tradition is costing you money

Staying ahead of these inflating prices is becoming a top priority. You will want to work in the most efficient and profitable way possible. Traditionally, tilling and seeding operations are separated into two distinct passes with each operation requiring a different implement, effectively doubling your costs in equipment, fuel, and time in the tractor when sowing a pasture. 



But what if you can combine seeding and tillage into one, single operation? Here’s what we want you to know⁠—our Aervators are capable of transforming into a One-Pass Renovator which allows you to hit two birds in one stone!

Here’s how: simply attach any Airseeder/seedbox on top and hook up a Spring Tine Harrow to trail behind and you’ve got yourself a truly capable machine to rehabilitate your paddock in one pass instead of two!


The Renovator’s function can be easily summed up in three points:

  1. The Aervator will bore a hole 10- 20 cm deep—shattering the soil profile and reliving surface compaction
  2. The Air Seeder dispenses seeds into the newly softened soil.
  3. The Spring Tine Harrow will cover the seeds, allowing for great seed-soil contact resulting in an excellent strike rate.


The other good thing with the Renovator is it does not kill the good grass you already have, allowing your pasture and investment to flourish and grow year after year.

Ultimately, this machine will NOT only help solve your compaction issues but will also fill any bare spots leaving your paddocks revitalized all in one go, saving you plenty of time, money, and labor.

If you are interested in knowing more about the Renovator, simply click the button below and we can talk it over the phone.


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