Pasture Improvement Using A Tractor Aerator

Farntech Tractor Aerator

Pasture improvement is the foundation for any successful farm management, and aeration is vital for soil health. Tines passing through the soil not only relieve compaction but also create channels for air and water to penetrate into the soil, increasing aerobic bacteria growth without these bacteria many nutrients are unavailable to the plants.  Aeration also improves your soil’s water holding capacity. By breaking the surface crust and creating deep channels it increases your soil’s ability to absorb moisture. This process of relieving compaction helps develop an efficient deep root system that helps your plants become more drought resistant. More on Soil Health And Pasture Recovery

Luckily, Farmtech offers five different aerators that cater to your specific farming needs. 

The FarmTech GH Series and SGH Series relieves soil compaction without damaging the grass you already have and prevents rain runoff on your paddocks. The Rain you have been praying for does you no good if it runs off into the government’s creek! 

Our Maxi Series Aervator is ideal for pasture renovation. Maxies have double the tines vs its little brothers.  By a one pass upgrade allowing you to cultivate, air seed and get good seed soil contact with covering harrows Makes for an excellent one pass system. Saving you a fortune in diesel as opposed to other methods. This series features a second row of gangs, doubling the effects in areas of cultivation by increasing shattering effects of the soil. 

Both GH and Maxi Aervators are available as Centerfolding models. Making it easy to fit up to an 8m machine through a standard 3.6m (12ft) fence. No need to cut your fences!

Need to work on your yard? The Farmtech Turf Aervator is ideal for aerating lawns. The aeration aids with root growth, alleviating soil compaction. Our Turf Aevator will help you get that stronger, vigorous lawn you’ve always wanted. 

An ideal solution in pasture renovation through trash, the discvator has the best of both worlds using a combination of leading Aerator tines followed by a wavy cutler disc. Cut through trash and provide gentle tillage for seeds to be applied. Our Discvator also utilises a range of different seeding appliances, including air seeders, box seeders and broadcast seeders. 

If you’re interested in any of the products listed above or have any more questions regarding our other farming machinery available, give us a call on (02) 8776 3354 or get in contact with us at sales@farmtech.com.au


Happy Farming! 

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