Reck TRY-600-35

Enhances nutrient absorption and crop performance. Inadequate slurry application methods can lead to nutrient leaching and runoff, resulting in poor nutrient absorption and reduced crop performance. The Reck TRY-600-35 Slurry Tanker utilizes advanced distribution technology to minimize nutrient loss, enhancing nutrient absorption and maximizing crop performance for higher yields.

Boom Lenght

4.4m - 11.3m

Operation Type

P.T.O. Driven

Propeller Diameter

440mm ⌀ - 650mm ⌀

Minimum HP

100 HP

TRY-600-35 - Reck

An Efficient Method of Maintaining Effluent Ponds

Innovative Design

Solid Construction

Powerful and Efficient Drive Shaft

TRY-600-35 - Reck

Australian farmers constantly face the challenge of maintaining effluent ponds on their farms and fields. The TRY-600-35 – Reck is a cost-effective solution for maintaining effluent ponds for farm use.

TRY-600-35 - Reck Overview

The TRY-600-35 by Reck offers an innovative solution to Australian farmers struggling with the maintenance of effluent ponds. This equipment is crucial for ensuring that ponds used for farm purposes are kept in optimal condition, contributing significantly to irrigation and nutrient distribution in the fields.

Design and Standard Features

Powerful PTO Mixer

The heart of the TRY-600-35 – Reck is its high-quality Power Take-Off (PTO) mixer, designed to homogenise effluent fluids efficiently. This feature ensures that water, plant matter, and other substances are thoroughly mixed, providing even distribution of nutrients for irrigation.

Ball-Bearing Free Drive Shaft

This feature is crucial for durability and reliability. The drive shaft’s design allows for aggressive mixing without the usual wear and tear, making it capable of handling the tough conditions of effluent ponds, including the breaking down of dry crusts and thick sludge.

Galvanised Mixer Tube

Durability in harsh conditions is a must, and the completely galvanised mixer tube of the TRY-600-35 – Reck ensures that it resists corrosion and can withstand the acidic nature of effluent ponds.

Triangle Mast Reinforcement

Stability is key when mixing large volumes of fluid. The triangle mast reinforcement provides optimum support in a lightweight and sturdy design, ensuring that the stirrer remains stable during operation.

Two Size Options - Turbo and Jumbo

Catering to different pond sizes and slurry types, the TRY-600-35 comes in Turbo (101mm diameter) and Jumbo (140mm diameter) sizes. This versatility ensures that farmers can choose the appropriate size for their specific needs.

Variety of Options for Customisation

The TRY-600-35 – Reck offers a range of customisation options, including mixer lengths from 4.4m to 11.3m and propellers in six lengths from 440mm to 650mm in both pulling and pushing versions. This variety allows farmers to tailor the mixer to their specific pond conditions and requirements.

Welded Frame for Rigidity and Stability

The welded frame adds to the overall durability and stability of the equipment, ensuring that it can withstand the rigours of farm use without compromising performance.

At FarmTech Machinery, we know the farms require an excellent effluent pond that serves as water treatment and irrigation for the fields. To be that way, it is crucial to maintain the pond as fluid as possible so that its substance is well mixed for even distribution of nutrients

The problem is that, over time, ponds will develop sediments that develop a dry, tough crust on top and a thick sludge at the bottom, which makes it challenging to maintain a good effluent pond. Using a subpar stirrer will not work on the solution’s tough crust, plant matter, and animal hair. We believe you need a robust and sturdy stirrer to homogenise the solution of your effluent pond.

We understand that efficiency is essential in any farm operation, and having a good effluent pond is a part of it. That’s why we have the TRY-600-35 – Reck, a powerful pond stirrer that efficiently homogenises any artificial pond using a 100hp tractor. Here’s how it works: Attach the TRY-600-35 – Reck to your tractor. Next, start the engine and check if the propeller is spinning before you dip it into the pond. After that, stir the pond until the water, plant matter, and other substances completely homogenise.

So call us now and talk to our experts, so you can stop worrying about your effluent pond being stale and start to have a homogenised effluent pond that brings your farm excellent irrigation and nourishment.

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Manufactured in Australia