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Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

Length 2.45m
Width 1.52m
Height 2.96m
Weight 1240 kgs
Min Oil Req. (l.p.m.) 35
Arm Speed (rpm) 32
No. of Film Dispensers 2
Film Width (mm) 750/500
Attachment to Tractor Front & Rear Mounting
Hydraulic Connection 2 x 1/2”m.c
Electrical Requirement 12v
Road Speed -
Bale Size (m) Round
Width 1.2
Diameter 1.2
Max Bale Weight (kgs) 1000 kgs
Bale Size (m) Square
Width 0.8 - 1.2
Height 0.47 - 1.4
Length 1.5
Bale Max Weight (kgs) 1000 kgs

1540 EH Bale Wrapper – Tanco

Farmers and contractors are losing time and money using individual bale wrappers in their fields. The Tanco 1540EH is highly dependable and the most flexible wrapper in its series. It can wrap square and round bales and has a unique roller system that ensures a smooth and consistent bale rotation. 

It is better to invest in machinery with high efficiency and proven reliability, like the robust Tanco 1540EH. As a 3-point Linkage machine, it is both lightweight and compact, yet it can handle bales of up to 6ft. The operators can use the rear/front linkage or front loader mounting when wrapping the bales.

1540 EH Bale Wrapper Tanco Overview

Transform your bale wrapping efficiency with the Tanco 1540EH, the ultimate solution for farmers and contractors facing time and financial losses due to less versatile wrappers. This machine stands out as the most adaptable in its class, capable of handling both square and round bales with unmatched ease.

Design and Standard Features

Dual Bale Compatibility

 The Tanco 1540EH stands out for its ability to wrap both round and square bales, offering unmatched versatility. This feature allows users to handle different types of bales with a single machine, significantly increasing operational flexibility and reducing the need for multiple machines.

Unique Roller System for Consistent Rotation

 The machine’s unique roller system ensures smooth and consistent bale rotation during wrapping. This feature is crucial for achieving uniform coverage and optimal fodder preservation, leading to higher-quality feed.

Efficient and Fast-Acting Hydraulic Cut & Start

The Tanco 1540EH incorporates a fast-acting hydraulic cut and start unit, which streamlines the wrapping process by ensuring faster and more reliable wrapping cycles. This advanced feature reduces downtime and enhances overall productivity.

Compact and Lightweight Design with 3-Point Linkage

The design of the Tanco 1540EH makes it both lightweight and compact while maintaining the capability to handle up to 6ft bales. The 3-point linkage system allows for easy attachment to different types of tractors, enhancing its adaptability and ease of use in various field conditions.

Dual Stretch Aluminium Dispenser with Adjustable Stretch Options

 With its Dual Stretch Aluminium Dispenser, offering 55% and 70% stretch options, the machine provides flexibility in film usage and wrap tightness, leading to better fodder preservation and reduced film costs.

Extra Features for Enhanced Convenience

Additional features such as the parking stand, dispenser gears at 33%, radio remote control kit, and universal adaptor for loader mounting all contribute to the Tanco 1540EH’s user-friendliness, safety, and convenience, making the wrapping process smoother and more efficient.

Automatic Film Break Sensors and "Rotate After Wrap" Feature

The inclusion of automatic film break sensors ensures that the wrapping process continues smoothly even if a film break occurs. Additionally, the “rotate after wrap” feature automatically positions the bale for easy and safe unloading, enhancing operational efficiency.

At FarmTech Machinery, we know you are the kind of farmer who wants to save time and money when wrapping hay and silages. To be that way, you need a machine that wraps both round and square bales with a single wrapper. 

The problem is that the individual bale wrappers can either wrap round or square bales, which makes you spend more money investing in wrappers and more time wrapping them. 

We believe that Australian Farmers deserve to maximize their profitability by using the most cutting-edge machinery that will help ramp up the wrapping process. 

We understand that you want to make a return on your investment, so we have tested the Tanco 1540EH in Australian conditions. So we can guarantee it will work for you. 

So Call Now to make an investment that will help you to save money and time!

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