800 Series

Easily relieve deep compaction and improve water infiltration. Compacted soil can lead to waterlogging and poor drainage, increasing the risk of soil erosion and nutrient leaching. The Dondi 800 Series with its solid construction and deep-working tines easily breaks up compacted soil and facilitates better water penetration, reducing runoff and erosion.

Overall Width

3.0 M - 6.0 M

Operation Type


Required HP

130 - 700 HP

Working Depth

60 cm

800 Series – Subsoiler – Dondi

Heavy Duty to relieve deep compaction and improve drainage

800 Series Model / HP
805 / 130-180 hp
807 / 180-250 hp
809 / 250-370 hp
811 / 370-500 hp
813 / 500-700 hp

Deep Soil Cultivation

Heavy-Duty Construction

Seedbed Preperation


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

MODEL 805 807 809 811 813
Power (hp) 130-180 180-250 250-370 370-500 500-700
Working Depth (cm) 60 60 60 60 60
Shanks (n°) 7 7 9 11 13
Frame Height (cm) 80 80 80 80 80
Working Width (cm) 350 350 450 550 650
Frame Width (cm) 300 300 400 500 600
Weight (kg) 1300 1800 2200 3350 4200

800 Series Subsoiler – Dondi

Australian farmers often struggle with tilling hard soil and breaking hardpans to prepare them for seeding and improves draining. Hard, dry soil can hinder seed growth due to a lack of moisture and nutrients.

Using a good subsoiler like the Dondi 800 Series allows you to penetrate deep into the soil to relieve soil compaction and hard panning from the root cause allowing your soil to drain properly. 

800 Series Subsoiler Overview

Introducing the Dondi 800 Series, a robust and efficient subsoiler designed to address the specific challenges faced by Australian farmers such as tilling hard soil, breaking hardpans, and improving drainage in preparation for seeding. This high-performance subsoiler ensures deep soil penetration, relieving compaction and fostering an environment conducive to seed growth by enhancing moisture and nutrient availability.

Design and Standard Features

Deep-Working Tines for Effective Tilling

The Dondi 800 Series is equipped with heavy-duty tines designed for deep soil penetration. Their smart design and 45-degree inclination ensure efficient breaking through hard, compacted soil layers, promoting better soil aeration and drainage.

Non-Stop Hydraulic Suspension

This feature provides enhanced durability and effectiveness, allowing the subsoiler to tackle the toughest soil conditions without causing significant wear and tear on the machinery. The non-stop hydraulic suspension ensures continuous operation even in challenging environments.

Safety and Durability

The anchors are equipped with a pull-bolt safety device for higher resistance and effectiveness, ensuring that the Dondi 800 Series can withstand hard soil conditions without damage. This safety feature minimizes the risk of breakdowns and extends the machine’s lifespan.

Two Varieties to Suit Different Needs

The Dondi 800 Series comes in two models: the DONDI 807 suitable for tractors from 180 to 250 HP with a frame width of 350cm and seven tines; and the DONDI 809 suitable for tractors from 250 to 370 HP with a frame width of 450cm and nine tines, catering to various farm sizes and power requirements.

Ball Nitrogen Accumulator

This component aids in the fast oil return between the anchor and shock absorbers, mitigating strain from the plowing process. It ensures a smooth operation by providing a gradual return instead of a sudden kickback, thereby protecting the machinery and improving the user’s experience.

Cost-Effective and Versatile

The subsoiler offers a cost-effective solution for soil preparation, compatible with existing tractors, reducing the need for additional, expensive machinery. Its versatility makes it a valuable tool for a wide range of agricultural applications, from small vineyards to large agricultural fields.

Efficient and Fast Field Preparation

Designed for Australian farmers who need to quickly and efficiently prepare their fields for planting, the Dondi 800 Series reduces soil compaction and improves drainage, creating an ideal environment for seed growth.

At FarmTech Machinery, we know you are the kind of farmer who wants an efficient and fast way to prepare your fields for planting. To be that way, you need cost-effective and reliable equipment that can be equipped on your existing tractor. 

The problem is that some soils can get quite tough over time, requiring top-tier plowers to get them in the right condition, which could be expensive or prone to downtime. We believe that having a powerful and reliable deep ripper eliminates these problems while eliminating soil compaction and hardpans. 

We understand you need an efficient and versatile plowing machine. That’s why we have the DONDI 800 Series as your heavy-duty plowing solution. Built to handle the toughest grounds, these farming implements have reinforced blades that cut through the soil, opening it up for better water and nutrient absorption.

Here’s how it works: One: attach the Dondi 800 series with its universal fast-coupling trolley. Two: Run your tractor with the DONDI 800 Series to your fields as the subsoiler breaks the ground, and the rear disk roller creates a channel for seeds. Three: As you pass through your field, you will leave a healthier and looser soil that’s ideal for planting. 

So don’t hesitate to contact us and place your order, so you can stop using a less effective way of preparing your fields and start preparing them with a cost-effective and versatile method of tilling them for planting season.

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