Tanco TCA100-EH

Eliminates manual labour with automated bale wrapping. Manual wrapping can strain workers and slow down the wrapping process, affecting farm efficiency. The Tanco TCA100-EH Single Bale Wrapper Automatic offers automated functionality, reducing labour requirements and improving overall farm productivity.

Cycle Time

Up to 45 bales/Hour

Bale Compatibility

Round Bales Only

Operation Type


Wrap Configuration

Single Wrap

A100 EH – Bale Wrapper – Tanco

Produce 45 Perfectly-Wrapped Bales Per Hour

Reliabiliy and Durability Guaranteed

Silage Season Essentials



Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

Weight and Dimensions
Transport Length (m) 4.10 / (13'5")
Transport Width (m) 2.76 / (9'0")
Height in Transport (m) 2.41 / (7'9")
Weight (kg) 1,460 / (3,219 lbs)
Wheel Dimensions (Standard) 31-15.50-15
Bale Dimensions
Width x (Min. - Max. Diameter) (m) 1.25 x (1.00 - 1.50)
US Round Bale Dimensions (ft) up to 4" x 5"
Max. Bale Weight (kg) 1,000 / (2,205 lbs)
Min. Oil Consumption (l/min) (US gal/min) 25 / 6.6
Max. Oil Consumption (l/min) (US gal/min) 60 / 16
Min. Oil Pressure (bar) (PSI) 150 / 2,200
Free Flow Return Required Yes
Load Sensing Option No

A100 EH Bale Wrapper – Tanco

Maximize your efficiency and keep profits in your pocket with the TANCO A100 EH Round Bale Wrapper from FarmTech Machinery, capable of producing 45 perfectly wrapped bales per hour to let you work at your own pace. With its self-loading system, patented film dispenser, and in-cab remote control, this wrapper combines speed and convenience, enabling you to bypass the wait for contractors and streamline your baling process independently.

A100 EH Bale Wrapper Overview

Transform your baling operation with the TANCO A100 EH Round Bale Wrapper, a machine engineered to enhance efficiency, autonomy, and profitability for farmers. Designed specifically to cater to the dynamic needs of Australian agriculture, the A100 EH stands out with its capacity to wrap up to 45 perfectly-wrapped bales per hour, allowing farmers to operate on their schedule and retain more profits.

Design and Standard Features

High Efficiency

Capable of wrapping up to 45 round bales per hour, the TANCO A100 EH Round Bale Wrapper is exceptionally efficient, enabling farmers to work at their own pace and significantly reduce waiting times, thereby preserving the quality of their silage.

Turntable Wrapper System

The hydraulic-powered turntable ensures each bale is evenly and securely wrapped. This feature, combined with the single film dispenser, streamlines the wrapping process, making it faster and more economical.

Patented Film Dispenser

The innovative design of the film dispenser guarantees consistent and efficient wrapping, minimizing film wastage and enhancing the quality of silage bales. The constant stretch mechanism ensures each bale is tightly wrapped for optimal preservation.

Self-Loading System with Auto-Start

Equipped with a self-loading system, the A100 EH allows for continuous operation without manual intervention. The auto-start feature activated by the loading arm sensor streamlines the process, minimizing downtime between bales.

End-Tip Kit

This optional feature ensures that the wrapped bales are gently deposited on their ends where the film is thickest, reducing the risk of punctures and preserving the integrity of the wrapped silage.

Hydraulic Cut & Start System

This system ensures that each bale wrapping begins with the correct film tension and that the film is cleanly cut at the end of each cycle. This feature not only improves the consistency of wrapped bales but also contributes to overall time and material savings.

In-Cab Remote Control

This standard feature enhances operator convenience by allowing the machine’s control from the tractor’s cab. It increases efficiency and safety by reducing the need for the operator to leave the cab during operation.

At FarmTech Machinery, we understand the challenges faced by farmers aiming for efficiency and autonomy in their operations. High-performing machinery is crucial for maintaining productivity and maximizing profits, particularly during the busy silage season.

The challenge is finding equipment that supports your pace and strategy, allowing you to capitalize on your hard work without relying on external contractors. We believe in empowering farmers with tools that not only meet but exceed their operational needs.

Contact FarmTech Machinery today to enhance your silage operations with the TANCO A100 EH Bale Wrapper, and move towards a more productive, self-sufficient farming business

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Manufactured in Australia