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Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

MODEL 7500S 7500T 9500T
Roll Width 7’ 7’ 9’
Paddles Per Roll 9 9 9
PTO Speed 540/1000 540/1000 540/1000
Axle Single Tandem Tandem
Width 126” 132” 156”
Length 153” 153” 153”
Weight (lbs.) 2750 2900 3000

Accelerator Hay Conditioner - Tubeline

Many Australian farmers struggle with achieving fast drying times for their hay due to unpredictable weather, impacting hay quality and nutritional value. The Accelerator Hay Conditioner by Tubeline, offered by FarmTech Machinery, addresses this issue with adjustable steel crimping rollers that condition hay for quicker drying, ensuring consistent, top-quality fodder in any weather condition.

Accelerator Hay Conditioner Overview

The Tubeline Accelerator Hay Conditioner represents an innovative approach to hay production, designed to meet the needs of Australian farmers facing unpredictable weather conditions during hay harvesting. This machinery significantly reduces the drying time of cut hay, thereby enhancing its quality and nutritional value.

Design and Standard Features

Adjustable Steel Crimping Rollers

These rollers allow for consistent conditioning of the hay, ensuring faster and more uniform drying times. They can be adjusted to handle different densities and thicknesses of hay without over-processing.

Heavy-Duty Chain Drive

Powers the crimping rollers consistently and continuously, made from durable materials for longevity and reliability.

Adjustable Rear Deflectors

Enable precise control over the width of the conditioned fodder’s swath, optimizing drying time while ensuring compatibility with baler pickups.

Walking Beam Tandem Axle

Enhances the mobility and stability of the conditioner, ensuring it can navigate across various terrains with ease.

Hydraulic Height Control

Facilitates easy adjustment from high transport height to the lower profile necessary for effective pickup and conditioning of the fodder.

Durability and Ease of Use

Built to withstand Australian conditions, the Accelerator is designed for ease of operation and maintenance, ensuring minimal downtime and maximizing usability.

Optional Accessories

Including a brush oiler for consistent lubrication and an optional spreader to further improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the hay conditioning process.

At FarmTech Machinery, know that getting the most nutritious quality hay and silage by having a faster drying time is sometimes challenging. In order to maximize your harvest, you need to invest in machinery that will help you speed up your operation while increasing the quality of hay you produce and giving your stock the nutritional advantage you have been looking for This increase in nutritious rations is required to maximize your profits.

The problem is, not having the perfect machinery to speed up the drying and baling process, causing you to believe that much of your hard work is not resulting in the desired nutrient-dense bales that can be fed to your cattle or sold as high-quality bales, either way maximizing your profit.

We believe that farmers in Australia should be able to maximize their profits by employing the most cutting-edge equipment to produce better hay & silage. We understand that the Tubeline Accelerator is an investment, but it will quickly pay for itself in both diesel savings and its ability to improve the nutrients in your livestock’s fodder sustainability and growth.

The Tubeline Accelerator has been rigorously tested in many conditions found across Australia it’s tough and durable, easy to use and maintain, easy to transport, and simple to store in any environment with minimal ground clearance required.

When you make an investment that pays dividends, you may stop working hard for declining profits and start maximizing the benefits of all your efforts. Start your path to greater wealth. Limited stocks. Call us now!

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