Relieves soil compaction on permanent pasture with a 12V electric seed spreader and GPS-rate control for precise seed distribution and placement.

Overall Width

2.4 m - 5.0

Working Speed

15 Kph

Required HP

120-200 HP

Hitch Configuration

Three-Point Linkage


Successfully grow a permanent pasture using this One Pass seed and till pasture Renovator

Aermax Working Width / HP
4.0m / 100 hp
5.0m / 120 hp
6.0m / 140 hp
7.0m / 165 hp
8.0m / 190 hp


Heavy-Duty Construction

One-Pass Seed and Till


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

MODEL GH 4000 CF GH 5000 CF GH 6000 CF GH 7000 CF GH 8000 CF
WORKING WIDTH 388 CM 488 CM 588 CM 688 CM 788 CM
GANGS 4 4 4 6 8
ROW OF GANGS 1 1 1 1 1
WEIGHT 2125 2420 2670 2950 3190
HP 100 120 140 165 190

AerMAX Overview

AerMAX is a durable soil management tool featuring a 12V electric seed spreader with GPS-rate control for precise seed placement. Its double-gang system maximizes soil penetration, offering two tine options for versatility and durability in various soil conditions. AerMAX streamlines soil management, boosts crop yields, and enhances farm profitability.

Design and Standard Features

Efficient Soil Rejuvenation

AerMax revolutionises is the key to unlocking permanent pasture by combining soil aeration and seeding into a single, time-saving pass. Farmers can effectively aerate and sow seeds simultaneously with its electric air seeder attachment, enhancing soil health and crop yields.

Maximized Aeration Capability

Featuring a robust double gang system, AerMax maximizes soil penetration and aeration efficiency. The innovative design ensures optimal spacing of tines, doubling the aerating and cultivation capability compared to traditional models, even in tough soil conditions.

Versatile Tine Options

AerMax offers two tine options to suit diverse soil conditions. The patented standard tine ensures maximum penetration and soil shattering, while the Tungsten hard-faced tine option provides exceptional durability, ideal for abrasive soil conditions.

Heavy-Duty Construction

Built with a sturdy Australian steel frame and chassis, AerMAX withstands the toughest soil conditions with ease. Its hot dip galvanized coating ensures durability and corrosion resistance, making it suitable for prolonged use in various environments.

One Pass Renovation System

Say goodbye to multiple passes with the optional One Pass Renovation System. Integrating an Aervator, electric seeder, and spring tine harrow, this system enables farmers to loosen soil, overseed, and renovate paddocks in a single pass, saving time and resources.

Enhanced Efficiency and Cost Saving

By streamlining soil management processes and reducing the need for multiple passes, AerMax helps farmers save on fuel costs, labour, and maintenance expenses. Its efficient operation and versatile capabilities contribute to improved farm profitability and sustainability.

Customizable Weight Options

AerMax offers additional weight options, including removable concrete weights, to address compacted soil conditions effectively. Farmers can adjust weight as needed to penetrate deep into the soil and break through compaction layers for optimal results.

At FarmTech Machinery, we know you are the kind of farmer who wants to successfully grow a permanent pasture that is productive and profitable. To be that way, you need a durable and innovative machine that can till the soil while introducing new grass seeds without getting rid of already established grass. 

The problem is that these operations are often relegated to two separate passes due to mechanical and equipment limitations. We believe Australian farmers should have access to an efficient machine that can proficiently perform both these tasks in a single pass.

We understand there is currently no viable solution that has the power to sufficiently penetrate through heavily compacted soil, so Farmtech introduces the Aermax. With the Aermax, you’ll get a powerful soil aerator with a highly accurate GPS-rate controlled electric air seeder. To become more effective and profitable, it will help you increase your production, enhance soil aeration, get rid of fertilizer waste, and increase crop yields.

So call us now to learn more about the Maxi Series Aervator, so you can stop dealing with overly compacted soil and start maximizing your yields, eventually increasing profit. 

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Manufactured in Australia