AFS – Field Sprayer - SprayX

Keep your paddocks free from pests and weeds

Non-Drip Nozzle

Heavy-Duty Construction

Low Maintenance Equipment


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

MODEL F 400 F 600 F 800
Capacity 400L 600L 800L
Total Length 1350mm 1350mm 1480mm
Total Width 700mm 700mm 850mm
Total Height 1350mm 1500mm 1560mm
Boom Length 8-12m 8-12m 8-12m
Litres Per Minute 71 71 71
Pump E-71 E-71 E-71

AFS Field Sprayer - SprayX

Many Australian Farmers struggle with ineffective sprayers that lead to poor coverage and wasted chemicals. The AFS – Field Sprayer by SprayX, presented by FarmTech Machinery, is specifically designed to deliver precise and uniform application of pesticides and herbicides, ensuring your crops receive the protection they need without waste or environmental damage.

AFS Field Sprayer Overview

The AFS – Field Sprayer by SprayX is an innovative and efficient solution for Australian farmers tackling the challenges of inaccurate or ineffective application of pesticides and weed suppressors. Designed for precision and cost-effectiveness, the SprayX AFS Field Sprayer is ideal for optimizing spraying operations and ensuring maximum crop protection.

Design and Standard Features

Variable Tank Capacity

With options ranging from 400L to 1000L, the sprayer can be tailored to match the scale of your operation, ensuring efficient coverage without constant refills.

Membrane-Type Pump

This feature provides consistent and reliable spraying, offering a flow rate of 71L per minute, which is crucial for covering large areas quickly and effectively.

Standard Non-Drip TeeJet Nozzles

These industry-standard nozzles minimize unwanted dripping, reducing chemical waste and ensuring precise application.

3 Point Linkage Tractor Mounted

This feature allows for easy attachment to a variety of tractors, enhancing the sprayer’s versatility and convenience in field operations.

Mechanical Controls

Designed for ease of use, these controls make the sprayer accessible to operators of all skill levels, providing straightforward management of the spraying process.

Hand Wash Tank and Venturi Fill

These added conveniences ensure operator safety and ease of use. The hand wash tank promotes hygiene, while the Venturi fill system allows for quick and effortless tank refills from various water sources.

Foldable Galvanized Boom

With sizes ranging from 6 to 14 meters, the boom offers extensive coverage and is foldable for easy transportation and storage, enhancing operational efficiency.

At FarmTech Machinery, we know you are the kind of farmers who want to grow fruitful, fertilized plants free from unwanted vegetation and infestation. In order to be that way, you need to provide them with the required nutrients that promote optimal plant growth.

The problem is that pests and weeds can infiltrate or take over your paddocks, making you feel discouraged for this planting season. We believe every farmer deserves a healthy and well-protected paddock for crops to grow.

So contact our team now, so you can stop worrying about pests and weeds stopping the growth of your crops, and start enjoying healthy and well-kept products.

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Manufactured in Australia