AFS HYD Sprayer – Agromaster

The key to healthy paddocks free of weeds and pests

Non-Drip Nozzle

Heavy-Duty Construction

Low Maintenance Equipment


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

MODEL AFS-800 AFS-1000
Capacity 800 L 1000 L
Total Length 1480mm 1480mm
Total Width 850mm 850mm
Total Height 1560mm 1760mm
Boom Length 12m 14m
Liters Per Minute 71 96

AFS HYD Sprayer – Agromaster

Australian Farmers often struggle with controlling unwanted weeds and eliminating pests that impede their crop’s growth and productivity.

The AFS Hyd – Sprayer allows fast, efficient, and accurate application of chosen chemicals to fight pests and weeds.

AFS HYD Sprayer Overview

Boost your paddock health and yield with the AFS Hyd-Sprayer. Ideal for Australian farmers battling weeds and pests, this tool ensures efficient, accurate chemical application.

Crafted for durability, this sprayer fits diverse farming needs, from traditional to horticulture. Features include corrosion-resistant materials, a membrane PTO pump, and a Venturi Fill system for top performance.

Design and Standard Features

Material Durability

 The sprayer is constructed from corrosion-resistant polyethylene and galvanized steel, ensuring longevity and resistance to the harsh Australian weather and chemical corrosion.

Mobility and Convenience

 Equipped with durable and flexible wheels, the sprayer is easy to move around the shed when detached from the tractor, adding convenience and reducing manual labor.

Advanced Pumping System

 Features a membrane PTO powered pump and a Venturi Fill mechanism, enhancing the performance and efficiency of chemical application, ensuring uniform coverage, and reducing waste.

Versatile Application Capabilities

The sprayer is designed for the application of a wide range of chemicals, including herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, and liquid fertilizers, making it a versatile tool for comprehensive plant protection.

Hydraulic Boom Sprayer with Stability Control

The balance springs on both sides of the boom provide stability during operation, coupled with hydraulic adjustable boom height for optimal coverage and reduced chemical drift.

Customization and Maintenance

 Offers easy-fix, adjustable, and long-lasting drip-free nozzles for targeted spraying, with readily available Tee-Jet hoses and fittings for easy maintenance. Additional options like a hose reel, spray gun, and foam marker provide further customization to meet specific farm needs.

Precision and Safety Features

 Includes a pressure regulator for precise control of spray pressure and direction, a hydraulic mixer for consistent chemical mixtures, and a handwashing tank to ensure user safety and cleanliness.

At FarmTech Machinery,  we know you are the kind of farmer who wants to keep pests, weeds, and plant diseases away from your crops to produce a higher yield. To be that way, you need a sprayer to help apply various chemicals accurately without wasting anything

The problem is that ordinary sprayers are susceptible to leaks and improper spray patterns, which lead to wasting large amounts of chemicals.  We believe you need a boom sprayer that’s foolproof and helps protect your crops against diseases, pests, and weeds. We understand every farmer’s need for a high-performance linkage boom sprayer.

 That’s why we suggest the AFS linkage sprayer c/w hydraulic boom spray. This boom sprayer has multiple spray nozzles parallel to the ground to reduce possible chemical drift. The tank’s large capacity and the widespread boom arms can spray wide areas quickly. Here’s how it works with the sprayer attached via three-point linkage and PTO drive of a tractor, hydraulic nozzles produce droplets through a small opening when the spray liquid is air pressured out.

So call FarmTech today, so you can stop wasting your chemicals from drifting away and start having healthy and disease-free crops for a better yield.

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Manufactured in Australia