BIZON-T – Cambridge Roller – Agromaster

Firmly smooth seedbeds before and after sowing.

Highly Versatile and Adaptable

Reliable and Robust Design

Seedbed Preparation


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

Total Width (mm) 3350 4250 4750
Total Length (mm) 3360 3360 3360
Total Height (mm) 1950 1950 1950
Working width (mm) 3200 4000 4500
Roller diameter (mm) 50 50 50
Required power (hp) 60-70 60-70 60-70
Weight (kg) 1225 1360 1495

Bizon- T Cambridge Roller - Lehner

Australian farmers have difficulty dealing with soil texture on their seedbeds pre-sowing and chilling seeds after sowing.

The BIZON- T- Roller- Agromaster is a roller farming implement that gives total care to seedbeds from pre-sowing until after seeding.

Bizon-T Cambridge Roller Overview

Elevate your farming efficiency with the BIZON-T-Roller-Agromaster, specially designed to address the soil texture challenges faced by Australian farmers before and after sowing. This implement is your solution for achieving the perfect seedbed preparation and ensuring optimal seed germination conditions.

Design and Standard Features

Robust Construction

The roller is crafted with a 50 cm diameter cast iron roller and a heavy chassis, ensuring durability and a long service life. This build is ideal for the harsh and varied Australian terrain, providing consistent performance and reliability.

Variable Working Widths

 With options of 3200, 4000, and 4500 mm in working widths, the BIZON-T-Roller-Agromaster caters to different sizes of land and requirements, making it versatile for various farm sizes and ensuring comprehensive soil coverage.

Compatibility with Tractors

Designed to be suitable for tractors ranging from 60 to 100 hp, this roller is compatible with a wide range of tractor models, making it accessible to many farmers without the need for additional equipment investments.

Enhanced Seed Planting Accuracy

By pressing on the soil before sowing, the roller improves the accuracy of seed planting depth. This pressure ensures seeds are placed uniformly, leading to better germination rates and crop yields.

Pre-sowing Soil Preparation

 The roller excels in pre-sowing conditions by leveling soil surfaces, crumbling clods, and burying plant residues. This preparation leads to a smoother seedbed, ensuring optimal soil structure for seed placement.

Hydraulic Lift System for Easy Transport

Equipped with a hydraulic lift system, the BIZON-T-Roller-Agromaster is easy to transport from one field to another, enhancing convenience and efficiency during the busy planting season.

Prevention of Seed Chilling

The roller aids in preventing the chilling of seeds by firming the soil sufficiently after sowing, ensuring better seed-soil contact. This feature is crucial for maintaining an ideal temperature around the seeds, promoting uniform seed emergence.

At FarmTech Machinery, we know you are the kind of farmer who wants good soil texture and an undisrupted seed germination stage for your seedbeds.  To be that way, you need a farming implement that takes care of the soil structure pre-sowing and is still beneficial even after the sowing period.

The problem is that when seeds aren’t buried deep enough, the sudden drop in temperature could end up chilling the recently sown seeds, disrupting the germination process, which makes you feel wary of sprouts not coming all out. We believe you should have a roller implement that prepares seedbeds for sowing and firmly presses the soil to prevent the chilling of the sown seeds. We understand every farmer’s desire for a versatile roller.

 That’s why we offer the BIZON- T- Roller– Agromaster. This trailed roller has a 50cm diameter caast iron roller and heavy chassis. Here’s how it works; the roller is mounted to a tractor via the three-point linkage system (universal) with hydraulic lift and trailed by a drawbar. The Roller BIZON fixes the soil, evenly smoothing and burying plant debris while firmly pressing the ground before sowing, during, and after sowing to ensure better seed-soil contact. The pressing of soil helps prevent the seeds from being chilled when the weather suddenly drops.

So call FarmTech today, so you can stop worrying about rough soil surface and chilling seeds and start getting firmly smooth seedbeds that protect seeds in the germination stage from chilling.

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Manufactured in Australia