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Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

ALFA 150/6/2.2 170/7/2.6 210/25/3 220/8/3 240/30/4 550/25/3 750/12/3
Working width [M] 2.2 2.6 3.0 3.0 4.0 3.0 3.0
Hopper capacity [dm3] 150 170 210 220 240 550 750
No. of coulter [pc] 6 7 25 8 30 25 12
Weight [kg] 90 100 180 120 240 265 230

Alfa-Seed Boxes- Unia

Australian farmers seeking an efficient seeding solution alongside stubble management will find the Unia Alfa Seedbox an invaluable tool. Designed for simultaneous sowing and soil cultivation, this machine integrates seamlessly with your existing farming practices, ensuring seeds are perfectly sown post-tillage or ploughing.

Alfa-Seed Boxes- Unia Overview

Boost your seeding efficiency with the Unia Alfa Seedbox from FarmTech Machinery, an innovative solution that combines seeding with tillage operations. This advanced seeder is perfect for farmers looking to enhance soil productivity and streamline their seeding process.

Design and Standard Features

Integrated Sowing System

The Unia Alfa Seedbox is engineered for simultaneous seed sowing with stubble cultivation or post-ploughing activities. This integrated approach allows seeds to be effectively implemented into the soil between the tillage section and the packing section (roller) of the tillage machine, optimizing time and labor efficiency on the farm.

Universal Grooved Sowing Apparatus

 Equipped with a universal grooved sowing apparatus, the Unia Alfa Seedbox ensures consistent and precise seed metering. This feature allows for a wide range of seeds to be sown accurately, enhancing the versatility and utility of the seeder across different crops and sowing conditions.

Simple Seed Dose Adjustment

The design of the Alfa Seedbox allows for easy adjustment of seed dosing, enabling farmers to quickly adapt to different seed types, sizes, and sowing requirements. This flexibility ensures optimal seeding rates, leading to better germination rates and crop yields.

Efficient Material Distribution

The mechanical metering of material by the grooved sowing apparatus ensures even distribution and delivery of seeds into the sowing lines. A spool installed before the roller facilitates precise placement, contributing to uniform seed distribution and optimal soil contact

Versatile Mounting Options

The Alfa seedbox can be conveniently mounted on various farm implements, including skimming units, cultivators, and disc harrows. Additionally, it offers the flexibility to be mounted on the tractor’s front three-point linkage/hitch or to a support frame, providing compatibility with a wide range of equipment and farming setups.

Enhanced Soil Contact and Seed Placement

 By coordinating the seeding process with tillage and packing operations, the Unia Alfa Seedbox ensures that seeds are placed at the correct depth and in good contact with the soil. This improves seed-to-soil contact, essential for successful germination and establishment of the seedlings.

At FarmTech Machinery, we understand that the key to a successful harvest begins with effective sowing. You are the kind of farmers who aim for the most productive and healthiest yields, needing the right equipment to establish strong, vibrant crops right from the start.

However, many face challenges with integrating sowing into existing cultivation practices efficiently and economically. That’s where the Unia Alfa Seedbox comes into play, providing a seamless solution designed for simultaneous sowing with stubble cultivation or following ploughing.

Don’t let the complexities of sowing disrupt your farming operations. Invest in the Unia Alfa Seedbox from FarmTech Machinery and integrate sowing into your cultivation routine effortlessly. This tool is not just a piece of equipment; it’s your partner in turning your paddocks into the productive, profitable lands you aspire them to be.

Reach out to FarmTech Machinery today to bring the Unia Alfa Seedbox to your fields and start sowing the seeds of your future success.

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