Amber 900/3 Drive – Seed Drill – Unia

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High Capacity Seed Drill

Heavy Duty Construction

Uniform Seed Distribution


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

Working width (m) 3
Hopper capacity (dm3) 900
Type of coulters DISC
No. of coulters [pc.] 24
Weight [kg] 1750
Power demand [HP] 100-120

Amber 900/3 Drive Seed Drill – Unia

Australian farmers facing the challenge of efficiently seeding large areas need look no further than the Unia Amber Drive Seed Drill. 

This heavyweight contender in the agricultural industry is designed for those who demand high performance and durability in their farming equipment.

Amber 900/3 Drive Seed Drill Overview

Step up your seeding game with the formidable Unia Amber Drive Seed Drill from FarmTech Machinery, a true heavyweight in the field of precision planting. Engineered for the heavy-duty demands of modern agriculture, this seed drill combines strength, precision, and durability in one powerful package.

Design and Standard Features

Heavy-Duty Construction

 The Unia Amber Drive Seed Drill stands out with its robust build, weighing approximately 1200 kg. It is constructed from premium-grade stainless steel, ensuring both the main structure and the smaller, crucial moving parts are built to last and withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use.

High-Performance Single Disc Coulter

Equipped with a single disc coulter made from high-grade steel, this seed drill effortlessly opens up the soil to allow precise seed placement. The coulters have a diameter of 40 cm and can exert a maximum clamping force of about 100 kg/coulter, ensuring deep and uniform seed insertion.

Rear Pneumatic Tire Roller

 The inclusion of a rear pneumatic tire roller is crucial for compacting layers of loose soil, creating an optimal bed for seed growth. This feature ensures that seeds are adequately covered and in contact with the soil, promoting better germination and growth.

Versatile Fertilizer Dispersion

Alongside seed sowing, the Unia Amber is capable of dispensing fertilizers efficiently using its Peg Wheel metering system. This ensures that crops receive the necessary nutrients simultaneously with seeding, enhancing growth and productivity.

Integrated Metering Rollers for Precise Seeding

 The seed drill features two-piece integrated metering rollers designed for accurate and even distribution of cereals and rapeseed. This precision helps in achieving uniform crop emergence and density, which are critical for optimal yield.

Advanced Durability and Protection Features

The seed drill incorporates a variable gear system for adapting to different seeding requirements, rubber dampers for coulter protection, and a superior suspension axle (standard versions) or semi-mounted axle (DRIVE models) for enhanced stability and protection during operation.

Large Capacity Tarpaulin Hopper

With a 900 L capacity, the tarpaulin hopper is designed to hold significant amounts of seeds and fertilizer, allowing for longer periods of operation without the need for refilling. The hopper is both flexible and durable, able to withstand long hours in the field and varying weather conditions.

At FarmTech Machinery, we recognize the aspirations of farmers who aim to lead the industry by cultivating the healthiest and most productive livestock. Achieving this pinnacle of agricultural success requires more than just hard work; it demands the right equipment to cultivate paddocks that yield nutritious fodder for your livestock.

Don’t let the challenge of seeding hold your paddocks hostage. Embrace the power and precision of the Unia Amber Drive Seed Drill from FarmTech Machinery. Transform your seeding process from a chore into a strategic advantage and watch as your pastures flourish, your livestock thrive, and your profits soar.

Contact FarmTech Machinery today to elevate your farming practice with the Unia Amber Drive Seed Drill – your field’s new best friend.

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Manufactured in Australia