ARES Drive

Transform tough terrains into thriving seedbeds. Solid ground stricken with soil compaction would often to uneven seed germination and lower crop yields. The ARES Drive uses its Harnessing high-speed operation and dual rows of toothed discs to effortlessly transform hard ground into a fertile seedbed.

Working Width

3.0 M - 12.0 M

Chassis Construction

Folding Frame

Required HP

110 - 480 HP

Working Depth

Up to 18 cm

Ares Drive – Speed Disc – Unia

The Ultimate Disc for Ultimate Farmers.

Reliable and Robust Design

Seedbed Preparation

Highly Versatile and Adaptable


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

3 3.5 4
Weight with tire roller ø6700 [kg] 1530 1740 1930
Power demand [HP] 80÷100 100÷120 110÷130
Number of plates [pcs] 24 28 32
Spacing between rows of discs [cm] 64 64 64

Ares Drive – Speed Disc – Unia

Many Australian farmers struggle with achieving uniform soil aeration and effective residue incorporation. Ares Drive Speed Disc addresses these issues with its semi-mounted axle and toothed discs, ensuring deep, uniform soil penetration and effective mixing, while its hydraulic depth adjustment and robust tyre roller adapt to various soil conditions for optimal land preparation.

Ares Drive – Speed Disc Overview

Introducing the Ares Drive Speed Disc, a semi-mounted, high-performance disc harrow designed for efficient soil cultivation and residue incorporation. This innovative equipment is engineered to meet the needs of modern agriculture, combining durability, precision, and ease of use in one powerful package.

Design and Standard Features

Semi-mounted Axle

The semi-mounted axle (825/965-ø36 mm) provides stability and support, ensuring that the machine operates smoothly across different terrains. This feature is crucial for maintaining consistent performance and reducing strain on the equipment during operation.

Dual Rows of Toothed Discs

Equipped with two rows of CLASSIC toothed discs (ø510/4 mm), the machine delivers efficient soil cutting and residue incorporation. The size and design of these discs are optimized for breaking up soil clods and preparing a fine seedbed.

Triangular Rubber Shock Absorbers

 The discs are mounted with triangular rubber shock absorbers, enhancing the machine’s ability to adapt to varying soil conditions while protecting the structure from excessive wear and tear.

Hydraulic Adjustment of Working Depth

The hydraulic adjustment feature allows for precise control of the working depth, ensuring that the discs penetrate the soil at the ideal level for various cropping requirements and conditions.

Tyre Roller with DRIVE System

 Featuring a tyre roller (ø670 mm) equipped with the DRIVE system, this machine ensures effective soil reconsolidation and seed-to-soil contact, crucial for optimal seed germination and growth.

Maintenance-free Hub and Optimal Disc Spacing

 With a maintenance-free hub and disc spacing set at 64 cm, the machine is designed for easy upkeep and consistent perf

Rigid Frame and Foldable Edge Cutters

The machine’s rigid frame provides durability and longevity, while the foldable edge cutters enhance its transportability and ease of use, allowing for quick adjustments between work and transport modes.

At FarmTech Machinery, we understand the necessity for farmers to cultivate their land efficiently and effectively, ensuring the optimal growth environment for crops. Achieving a finely prepared seedbed is essential for the health and productivity of your fields.

The challenge lies in managing your land with precision and ease, especially when dealing with hard, unyielding soil. We believe that having a robust, reliable disc harrow is key to preparing your land quickly and efficiently. 

Don’t let challenging soil conditions hold back your crop’s potential. Contact us today to elevate your land preparation and start reaping the benefits of precision farming.

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Manufactured in Australia