Streamline the soil cultivation process and create high-performing seedbeds. Traditional soil preparation methods can be labour-intensive and physically demanding. Experience unparalleled efficiency with Ares HP featuring a larger working width and corrugated Discs for Aggressive Cultivation. 

Working Width

4.0 M - 8.0 M

Chassis Construction

Fixed Frame

Required HP

170 - 280 HP

Working Depth

Up to 18 cm

ARES HP – Ares Disc Cultivator – Unia

Fast, efficient, and versatile tilling that’ll revolutionize your farming experience

ARES HP Working Width/ HP

4.0m /  135-160 hp 
5.0m /  130-150 hp
6.0m /  170-220 hp
8.0m /  220-230 hp 

Reliable and Robust Design

Seedbed Preparation

Highly Versatile and Adaptable


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

Working Width (m) 4 5 6 8
Weight XL [kg] 5 560 6 160 2 850 3 220
Weight XXL [kg] 5 660 6 260 3 080 3 500
Weight TX [kg] 6 120 6 700
Power demand [HP] 135-160 hp 130-150 hp 170-220 hp 220-230 hp
No. of discs [pc.] 32 3 080 24 28
Spacing between rows of discs [cm] 120 130÷150 120 3 220

ARES HP – Ares Disc Cultivator – Unia

Many Australian farmers struggle with inefficient soil tilling and the inability to adequately incorporate crop residues in one pass. Revolutionize your land tilling experience with the UNIA Ares HP Disc Cultivator from FarmTech, which offers robust, versatile solutions through its heavy-duty speed discs, enabling aggressive cultivation and thorough mixing of soil and residues in a single pass, ensuring optimal soil consistency and preparation.

ARES HP – Ares Disc Cultivator Overview

Experience the next level of land tilling with the UNIA Ares HP Disc Cultivator from FarmTech, a superior solution designed to streamline your soil preparation process. Say goodbye to the hassle of multiple passes and achieve optimal soil consistency effortlessly with the Ares HP.


Design and Standard Features

Premium Heavy Speed Disc Design

The UNIA Ares HP is the pinnacle of the Ares heavy-duty speed discs range, designed for aggressive cultivation and soil mixing. Available in widths of 4-m, 5-m, and 6-m, these cultivators are tailored to match tractors with power outputs of 210, 230, and 260 HP respectively, ensuring efficient soil penetration and residue handling.

Robust Foldable Platform for Easy Transport

Constructed with high-strength stainless steel, the Ares HP features a robust chassis supported by durable central and forward-positioned wheels. The hydraulic system facilitates easy folding for transport and stable deployment in the field, enhancing mobility and convenience.

Adjustable Two Rows of Corrugated Discs

Each model comes equipped with two rows of large-diameter corrugated discs, angled oppositely for thorough soil cultivation and mixing up to a working depth of 15 cm. This setup is ideal for integrating large amounts of crop residue into the soil, promoting better soil health and preparation for planting.

Diverse Rear-Trailing Roller Options

Accompanying each model is a selection of rear-trailing rollers, including the popular 600mm Pipe Roller and alternating U-roller, allowing customization based on soil conditions and cultivation needs to ensure optimal soil reconsolidation and seedbed preparation.

Model Variants for Different Needs

The Ares HP series is divided into three categories – HP XL, HP XXL, and HP TX – each featuring different disc sizes and protections (ø560/6 mm and ø660/6 mm discs) to cater to various soil types and cultivation requirements.

Spring-Protected or Damper-Protected Discs

Depending on the model, discs are protected by either springs or dampers (42×160 mm or 52×160 mm), safeguarding the discs from damage when encountering obstacles, thus extending the machine’s longevity and reducing maintenance costs.

One-Pass Efficiency

The UNIA Ares HP Disc Cultivator is designed for one-pass efficiency, eliminating the need for multiple passes over the field, saving time, fuel, and reducing compaction, thus leading to better soil conditions and higher productivity.

These features position the UNIA Ares HP Disc Cultivator as a leading choice for Australian farmers seeking a robust, versatile, and efficient solution for land tilling and preparation, delivering superior performance and adaptability across various conditions and requirements.

At FarmTech Machinery, we’re committed to transforming the challenges of land preparation into streamlined, efficient processes. We understand that optimal soil consistency is crucial for the successful growth of your crops and that repeated tilling can be time-consuming and labor-intensive.

The UNIA Ares HP Disc Cultivator epitomizes our commitment to quality and efficiency. Designed for the modern farmer who demands the best, the Ares HP stands out as the pinnacle of heavy-duty speed disc technology, offering unparalleled soil cultivation and mixing capabilities.

Don’t let land preparation hold back your farming potential. Embrace the power and versatility of the UNIA Ares HP Disc Cultivator from FarmTech Machinery. Contact us today to revolutionize your tilling experience and elevate your farm’s productivity.

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