ARES L – Speed Disc – Unia

One smooth pass to compact-less soil and ideal seedbed


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

Working Width (m) 2.5 3 3.5 4
Weight with pipe roller [kg] 920 1080 1300 1420
Power demand [HP] 75-90 80-100 100-120 110-130
No. of discs [pc.] 20 24 28 32
Spacing between rows of discs [cm] 64 64 64 64

ARES L – Speed Disc – Unia

Relieve Soil Compaction leaving a Seed Bed finish ready for Sowing. Australian farmers struggle to find tillers that can reliably relieve soil compaction, integrate stubble and leave a seedbed to finish all in one pass. 

The UNIA Ares L Plus Speed Disc has everything you need for fast and efficient soil tilling and seed bed preparation.

ARES L – Speed Disc Overview

Tackle soil compaction and prepare your seedbed in a single efficient pass with the UNIA Ares L Plus Speed Disc, specifically designed to meet the demands of Australian agriculture. This tool combines robust construction with advanced features to offer a comprehensive tilling and seeding solution.

Design and Standard Features

Heavy-Duty Speed Disc Construction

Built with thick steel plates and durable RHS sections, the UNIA Ares L Plus offers a robust cultivating platform. This sturdy build ensures long-term durability and stability under various soil conditions, making it ideal for Australian farmlands.

Seeding Compatibility

The Ares L Plus is compatible with seed drills or mounted air seeders, allowing farmers to till the soil and seed in the same pass. This dual functionality saves time and resources, streamlining the planting process.

Versatile Disc Options

Equipped with two rows of toothed discs available in Classic L (485 mm) and Plus (510 mm) sizes, this speed disc caters to different soil conditions and tilling needs, providing aggressive soil cultivation and stubble integration.

Adjustable Working Width and Power Requirements

The Ares L Plus can work on strips ranging from 2.5 to 4 meters wide and requires between 80 and 130 HP, depending on the model. This versatility ensures compatibility with a range of tractor sizes and powers.

Sturdy and Reliable Framework

The design includes a two-step axle hinge and connector screws, ensuring a safe, secure, and stable operation. This solid construction is critical for withstanding the demands of heavy-duty tilling and seeding.

Improved Soil Finishing with Speed Disc and Pipe Roller

The inclusion of a pipe roller guarantees a flatter, more even finish, preparing an optimal seedbed for grass seeding. This feature ensures that the soil is properly leveled and compacted for optimal seed germination.

DRIVE Model Advantages

The DRIVE model replaces the standard pipe roller with a pneumatic tire roller, enhancing mobility on paved roads and effectiveness in soil leveling, clod crushing, and alleviating strip soil compaction. This variation offers additional flexibility for different terrain and soil management needs.

At FarmTech Machinery we know you are the kind of farmer who wants to cultivate large areas of land as easily and effectively as you can. In order to be that way, you need a machine that has all the bells and whistles needed for effective soil treatment.

The problem is that buying a new machine is a hefty investment — which is the tough reality of farming. We believe there’s always an excellent option for anyone who wants to upgrade from an older version without busting their budget.

We understand that Australian farmers are looking for more productivity in your paddocks. That’s why we highly recommend the UNIA Ares L Disc Cultivator for your cultivating needs. It has all the features needed for efficient disc cultivation regardless of soil condition because it can withstand rugged terrain and heavy soil. It is equipped with a tyre roller, which enables easy transport on roads.

So contact our sales today so you can stop wasting precious time and resources with mediocre machinery and start increasing your productivity level.

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