Ares P TX – Speed Disc – Unia

A blend of strength and reliability that refurbishes your field

Reliable and Robust Design

Seedbed Preparation

Highly Versatile and Adaptable


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

Working Width (m) 3 3.5 4
Weight XXL (kg) 2 850 3 220 3 440
Weight TX (kg) 3 080 3 500 3 780
Power demand (HP) 130÷150 135÷160 140÷170
No. of discs (pcs.) 24 28 32
Spacing between rows of discs (cm) 120 120 120

Ares P TX – Speed Disc – Unia

If you’re looking for a gritty, yet reliable Speed Disc to keep your field in tip-top shape, then we strongly suggest getting the UNIA Ares P. Strong, dependable, and rugged, this machine will easily break your soil and integrate any trash or plant residue, creating a perfect seedbed for your crops.

Ares P TX – Speed Disc Overview

Step up your field maintenance with the UNIA Ares P Speed Disc, a benchmark of strength, reliability, and efficiency in soil cultivation. This robust machine is designed to break soil, integrate crop residue, and prepare an ideal seedbed, ensuring your fields are in prime condition for planting.

Design and Standard Features

Fixed Frame Heavy Speed Disc Design

The UNIA Ares P is part of a distinguished lineage of heavy-duty Speed Discs, ranking just below the Ares HP in weight. This substantial heft is crucial for effective soil penetration, creating a loose, fertile layer optimal for sowing, and ensuring maximum utilization of your tractor’s power output, requiring 110 to 130 HP based on the model.

High-Quality Disc Specifications

Equipped with two rows of ø660/6 mm CLASSIC discs, the Ares P ensures thorough soil mixing and residue incorporation. The ARES P XXL variant features discs protected by 52×160 mm polyurethane shock absorbers, while the ARES P TX variant offers spring-protected discs for resilience against field obstacles.

DRIVE and System LONG Configurations

The Ares P offers a DRIVE variant, substituting the standard rear spiral roller with a set of pneumatic tires for better mobility and soil finishing. Additionally, the System LONG configuration, featuring an extra row of tines with narrow coulters, significantly improves aeration capabilities up to 20 cm deep, enhancing the soil structure.

Adjustable Working Depth

Offering both hydraulic regulation and mechanical adjustment, the working depth of the Ares P can be conveniently altered to suit different soil conditions and requirements, allowing for more precise and effective soil preparation.

Reliable and Maintenance-Free Components

Highlighting its low maintenance requirements, the Ares P comes with maintenance-free disc hubs, ensuring long-lasting reliability and reducing the overall cost of ownership.

Robust Construction for Durability

The Ares P’s robust construction, from the frame to the disc assemblies, ensures it can withstand the rigors of extensive fieldwork, providing a dependable solution for soil tilling and seedbed preparation over many seasons.

These features make the UNIA Ares P Speed Disc an indispensable tool for Australian farmers looking to improve their field conditions with a reliable, effective, and versatile soil cultivation solution.

Model Variants for Different Needs

Available in 3 m and 3.5 m standard variants, along with a 3 m DRIVE model, the Ares P provides options to suit various field sizes and operational preferences, ensuring there is a model to meet every farmer’s needs.

At FarmTech Machinery, we’re well aware of the challenges you face with land preparation and the importance of having a soil environment ready for high-yield crops. For those demanding the utmost in durability and performance, we recommend the UNIA Ares P Speed Disc.

This robust machine is part of UNIA’s trusted line of heavy-duty Speed Discs, ranking just below the Ares HP for total weight – a crucial aspect for deep soil penetration and effective trash incorporation, preparing an ideal seedbed for planting.

If soil preparation is holding you back, it’s time to consider the UNIA Ares P from FarmTech Machinery. Don’t compromise on the foundation of your crop success. Call us today to find out more about how the Ares P can enhance your farming operations and help secure the productive, healthy yields you aim for.

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