Ares Roller Up

Incorporate crop residues and organic matter into the soil. Crop residues left on the soil surface can interfere with planting and crop emergence, as well as provide a habitat for pests and diseases. The Ares Roller Up incorporates crop residues into the soil, promoting decomposition and reducing weed pressure while preparing seedbeds that are ready for planting.


Working Width

3 M

Number of Discs


Required HP

110 - 150 HP

Working Depth

Up to 18 cm

ARES Roller Up – Speed Disc – Unia

Relieve compaction and clear the field of crop residue as well as leaving a seedbed finish

ARES Roller Up Model/ HP

XL / 110-130 hp
XXL/ 130-150 hp
TX / 130-150 hp

Reliable and Robust Design

Seedbed Preparation

Highly Versatile and Adaptable


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

Weight with pipe roller (kg) 1 560 2 050 2 220
Power demand (HP) 110÷130 130÷150 130÷150
No. of discs (pc.) 24 24 24
Spacing between rows of discs (cm) 80 105 105

ARES Roller – Speed Disc – Unia

Australian farmers struggle with tough, compacted soil at the beginning of each sowing season. The Roller Up of UNIA’s XL is a reliable way of creating well-tilled seedbed finishes.

ARES Roller – Speed Disc Overview

Transform your seedbed preparation with the UNIA Ares Roller Up, brought to you by FarmTech Machinery. This piece of equipment is specifically designed to combat the challenges Australian farmers face with tough, compacted soil at the start of each sowing season, offering a robust solution for creating well-tilled seedbed finishes.


Design and Standard Features

Dual-Action, Double Row Discs

The Roller Up is equipped with two rows of scalloped discs designed for an efficient flow of trash through the machine, ensuring it is mulched and integrated into the soil effectively. The front discs are specialized for cutting and lifting soil, while the rear discs turn the soil over and break up clods, optimizing seedbed conditions.

Heavy Duty Roller with Safety Mechanisms

The roller includes safety mechanisms that allow it to be lifted during transport or while turning on narrow headlands. This feature not only improves maneuverability but also shifts the center of gravity closer to the tractor for smoother and faster traveling, minimizing lifting requirements.

Sturdy Construction and Security Features

The Roller Up boasts a heavy, extra-strength steel toolbar that stabilizes the roller and disc assemblies. Additionally, rubber security on every arm prevents damage to the machine from bumps and hard impacts, enhancing durability and longevity.

Suitable for Various Tractor Powers

Designed to work with tractors ranging from 110 HP to 150 HP, depending on the model, the Roller Up offers flexibility in terms of power compatibility, making it accessible for a wide range of farming operations.

Reliable and Low Maintenance Operation

Maintenance-free hubs with triple lip seals offer optimal performance and maximum protection against wear and tear. The hydraulic system allows for easy adjustment of working depth and raising of the roller during operation, contributing to the low maintenance needs of the cultivator.

Optimal Soil and Residue Integration

The Roller Up efficiently integrates crop residues, relieves soil compaction, and effectively mixes the topsoil, leaving a level seedbed finish perfect for sowing. This results in well-tilled seedbeds that promote better root exposure and looser soil, ideal for crop growth.

Versatility and Adaptability

The Roller Up is highly versatile and can be easily converted into a seedbed harvester unit by pairing it with an Air Seeder. This adaptability allows farmers to perform multiple tasks with one machine, enhancing efficiency and reducing equipment costs.

At FarmTech Machinery, we know you are the kind of farmers who want to simplify and improve the efficiency of seed bedding. In order to be that way, you need sturdy and versatile equipment that allows you to fully automate seed bedding.

The problem is that a lot of equipment needs to be updated to the task at hand, so you need reliable agricultural equipment. We believe that Australian farmers ought to have high-performance equipment that’s mobile but robust to take on the task of seed bedding.

We understand Australian farmers want to successfully produce the ideal seed bedding that exposes roots and loosens up dense soil. That’s why we are bringing you UNIA ARES Roller Up as a reliable way of digging up roots and creating perfect seed bedding for your crops. Here’s how it works: First, the machine is equipped with two rows of toothed discs. Then, start the machine and let it run its course around your field. Finally, quickly clear crop residues, relieve compaction, and expertly mix the topsoil.

So make sure to call us now, so you can stop using subpar agricultural equipment and start establishing the ideal seed beds for your crops!

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Manufactured in Australia