Effortlessly transforming wide expanses of tough ground into fertile soil. Cultivating a wide area can often consume more resources than necessary, especially with tillage equipment with limited coverage. The Ares XL 12 with its dual-action disc design, extensive 12-meter coverage, and advanced hydraulic system can easily help this problem go away.

Working Width

12 M

Operation Type


Required HP

380-480 hp

Working Depth

Up to 18 cm

ARES XL 12M – Speed Disc – Unia

Extra Wide Coverage Heavy-duty Speed Disc that will transform hard, uncultivated ground to a well-prepared seedbed in a single pass

Seedbed Preparation

Reliable and Robust Design

Highly Versatile and Adaptable


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

Weight with pipe roller [kg] 13900
Power demand [HP] 380÷480
No. of discs [pc.] 96
Spacing between rows of discs [cm] 80

Ares XL Speed Disc - Unia

Many Australian farmers face challenges in effectively tilling and preparing soil for planting due to its hardness and uncultivated nature. The ARES XL 12M Speed Disc offers a solution by efficiently converting compacted ground into a well-prepared seedbed, simplifying the cultivation process and maximizing productivity.

Ares XL Speed Disc Overview

Experience seamless soil transformation with the Unia ARES XL 12M Speed Disc, meticulously engineered to address the needs of Australian farmers encountering tough soil conditions. Featuring a robust dual-action disc design, extensive 12-meter coverage, and an advanced hydraulic system, this speed disc ensures optimal seedbed preparation with minimal effort, revolutionizing the way you cultivate your land. Partner with FarmTech Machinery and elevate your farming operation with the reliable and efficient ARES XL Speed Disc.

Design and Standard Features

Dual-Action Disc Configuration

The ARES XL 12M boasts a unique dual-action, double-row of discs configuration, featuring a broad border front disc for lifting soil and a fine corrugated back disc for turning soil over. This innovative design ensures efficient cutting through crop residues, alleviating soil compaction, and mixing topsoil to create a loose and even seedbed.

Extensive 12-Meter Coverage

With its impressive 12-meter width, the ARES XL provides extensive coverage, enabling swift soil preparation over vast areas in a single pass. This extra-large coverage enhances overall productivity, making it an ideal choice for farms of varying scales.

Leveling Fingers and Pipe Roller

Equipped with leveling fingers and a pipe roller, the ARES XL 12M effectively combs through the soil, promoting a flat seedbed and breaking up large soil clumps. This feature ensures optimal conditions for seed germination and growth, enhancing crop yield potential.

High-Performing and Modular

Designed to operate efficiently at speeds of 10 to 12 kph and compatible with tractors between 110 and 210 HP, the ARES XL 12M is adaptable and can be integrated with other machines for enhanced versatility. Units over 4 meters in width feature a folding chassis powered by hydraulics for convenient transport, facilitating seamless field-to-field transitions.

Low Maintenance and Durable Design

Constructed with a heavy, extra-strength steel frame, the ARES XL 12M ensures durability and reliability even in demanding operating conditions. Maintenance-free hubs with triple lip seals offer optimum performance, while two rows of 670 mm-diameter mounted wheels provide stability and ease during operation, reducing downtime and enhancing efficiency.

Safety and Comfort in Operation

The ARES XL 12M prioritizes safety and ease of use, offering options for pneumatic, dual-line, or hydraulic braking systems. Additionally, its semi-trailing axle is compatible with variable hitch categories, ensuring stability and maneuverability during operation. The combination of suspension axle and rubber shock absorbers further enhances operator comfort and protects the machinery from bumps and impacts.

Advanced Hydraulic System for Depth Adjustment

Featuring a sophisticated hydraulic system, the ARES XL 12M allows precise adjustment of the working depth up to 15 cm. This advanced feature enables customization according to varying soil conditions and crop requirements, ensuring optimal seedbed preparation for enhanced crop growth and yield potential.

At FarmTech Machinery, we know you are the kind of farmers who want to be at the forefront of agricultural innovation, striving to maximize productivity and yield while minimizing time and effort spent on field preparation

In order to be that way, you need a cutting-edge solution that simplifies soil cultivation and transforms even the most stubborn, uncultivated ground into a fertile, ready-to-plant seedbed. The problem is traditional methods of soil preparation are labour-intensive and time-consuming, leaving you frustrated and constrained by tight planting schedules. We believe it’s just plain wrong that anybody should have to deal with that problem in today’s modern farming landscape. We understand the relentless demands of farming and the importance of efficient soil cultivation for your livelihood. 

That’s why we offer the ARES XL 12M Speed Disc by Unia, a heavy-duty, extra-wide coverage speed disc designed to revolutionize your field preparation process. Here’s how it works: First, the dual-action disc configuration effortlessly cuts through compacted soil and crop residues. Second, the extensive 12-meter coverage ensures swift soil preparation over large areas in a single pass. And third, the advanced hydraulic system allows precise depth adjustment for optimal seedbed preparation

So call us now to upgrade your farming operations, so you can stop struggling with inefficient soil cultivation methods and start enjoying increased productivity and yield potential in your fields.

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Manufactured in Australia