BOSS 1-3820HF

Improve feed management and save time on farm chores with our bale choppers. Processing bales often poses as a significant struggle for farmers without the proper equipment. The BOSS 1-3820HF allows farmers to easily process bales for chook shed beddings, understeer mulching, or livestock feed preparation.

Bale Compatibility

Square Bales Only

Bale Capacity

Single Bale Only

Operation Type

Hydraulic Operation

Bale Size

Up to 3’x4’

BALE BOSS 1 Square Bale Processor– Tubeline

The Key to Efficiently Processing Square Bales for Chook Sheds and Under-Tree Mulch

BALE BOSS 1/ Bale Sizes
BOSS 3720 / 32” x 34” x 84” – 34” x 48” x 84”
BOSS 3820 / 32” x 34” x 96” – 34” x 48” x 96”

Efficient Operations

Heavy-Duty Construction

Enhanced Safety and Control Features


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

Min hyd. Flow 18 GPM / 2500 P.S.I
Weight 1,590 lbs. 1,640 lbs.
Width 102” 122”
Length 52”
Height (std. / opt. op Beater Kit) 53” / 63”
Bale Capacity 1 1
Bale sizes 32” x 34” x 84” 32” x 34” x 96”
34” x 48” x 84” 34” x 48” x 96”

BALE BOSS 1 Square Bale Processor

Many Australian farmers struggle with efficiently processing square bales for use as bedding in chook sheds or for under-tree mulch, requiring the right texture, length, and consistency. The Tubeline Bale BOSS 1, available from FarmTech Machinery, addresses these needs with its Efficient Scoop N’ Go feature, adjustable restrictor bars, and serrated knives, ensuring consistent and precise bale processing for diverse agricultural applications. straw to consistently short lengths, ensuring comfortable bedding, enhancing livestock productivity, and allowing easy control of output with adjustable drum rotation speeds.

BALE BOSS 1 Square Bale Processor Overview

Transforming square bales into the perfect texture and consistency for chook shed bedding or under-tree mulching can be a challenge. However, Tubeline’s Bale BOSS 1 offers an innovative solution, tailored specifically for Australian farmers’ needs.

Design and Standard Features

Efficient Scoop N’ Go Loading

Designed for quick and efficient bale loading, the Bale BOSS 1 simplifies the process, allowing for rapid preparation and processing of bales, significantly reducing the time and effort required for most jobs.

Consistent Performance with 12 Flails

Ensures uniform processing by breaking down bales into consistent pieces, ideal for chook shed bedding and under-tree mulching.

Adjustable Restrictor Bars

These bars prevent loose bales from disintegrating prematurely into the shredding chamber, maintaining consistent shredding and processing quality throughout.

Innovative Top Beater Kit

Designed to efficiently process larger 3 x 4 bales by pushing the top of the bale towards the shredding chamber for even and consistent shredding.

Versatile Adjustable Deflector

Easily switch between bedding, feeding, or windrowing operations without the need for complex adjustments, enhancing the machine’s versatility.

Customizable Hydraulic Power

All operations of the Bale BOSS 1 are hydraulically driven, offering flow control to fine-tune performance according to the operator’s needs, ensuring optimal processing regardless of bale conditions.

Precise Bale Feeding with Paddle Rollers

Directs bales accurately into the shredding chamber, ensuring efficient and uniform processing.

At FarmTech Machinery, we are aware that you are the kind of farmer that prefers efficient bale processing for chook sheds bedding, and under-tree mulching. To do that, you need a bale processor that can be operated solely from a tractor, slices square bales into smaller pieces for easier digestion, and lowers waste and processing time.

The problem is that certain bale processors don’t work well when cutting enormous square bales or have a tendency to overprocess, which causes additional waste and nutrient loss and leaves you unhappy with their performance. We believe that you need a good bale processor that works well whether the square bales are wet or dry. We understand the need for a trustworthy square bale processor among Australian farmers.

 That’s why we bring you the BALE BOSS 1-Tubeline because it is a dependable bale processor with a flail rotor and adjustable chute that guarantees properly processed square bales with less waste and requires less work. Here’s how it works: As soon as the BOSS BALE 1 is mounted to a tractor, the scoop n’ go action does its job and the push arm pushes it in the direction of the paddle roller, which feeds the top half of the bale downward to the flail rotator that is powered by a belt, continually chopping the bale finely.

So get in touch with Farmtech representatives today, so you can stop wasting your square bales and start giving your cattle finely cut hay for better digestion with less waste and less work!

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Manufactured in Australia