Boost farm productivity and reduce feed processing time with our bale choppers. Bale processing often requires backbreaking labour together with higher fuel consumption and more maintenance work in between operations. The Boss 2 Heavy Duty easily slices and cuts through enormous bales leading to faster work, fewer maintenance requirements, and lower fuel consumption.

Bale Compatibility

Square Bales Only

Bale Capacity

Up to 2 Bales

Required HP

80 - 250 HP

Bale Size

Up to 4’x4’

BALE BOSS 2 Square Bale Processor– Tubeline

Efficiently Process Square Bales for chook sheds and under-tree mulch

Bale BOSS 2 / 80-180 hp
Bale BOSS 2 HD / 120-250 hp


Efficient Operations

Heavy-Duty Construction

Enhanced Safety and Control Features


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

HP Required 80-180 120-250
Tire 12.5L x 15 12.5L x 15
Weight 4,170 lbs. 5,150 lbs
Width 80" 80”
Height 96” 96”
Length 140” 140”
PTO 540 or 1,000 RPM 540 or 1,000 RPM
Bale Capacity 2 2
Bale Sizes 36” x 36” x 108” 36” x 36” x 108”
48” x 36” x 108” 48” x 36” x 108”
48” x 48” x 108” 48” x 48” x 108”
Number of Flails 20 39
Top Paddle Roller Yes No

BALE BOSS 2 Square Bale Processor

Australian farmers struggle with quickly turning square bales into straw that can be used for livestock bedding or under tree mulch.

The Bale BOSS 2 from Tubeline can easily turn large square bales into straw to provide the best environment inside your chicken sheds while having the best moisture retention and weed prevention qualities when used as material for mulching.

BALE BOSS 2 Square Bale Processor Overview

Transforming square bales into suitable bedding for chicken sheds or effective mulch for under trees can be a labor-intensive process. Tubeline’s Bale BOSS 2 offers a solution tailored to meet the needs of Australian farmers, streamlining the conversion of large square bales into usable straw efficiently.

Design and Standard Features

Heavy-Duty Bale Processor

Specifically designed to handle large square bales, reducing physical effort and waste. It can efficiently process 3’x3’, 3’x4’, and 4’x4’ bales, ideal for livestock bedding and under-tree mulch.

Self-Loading Design

Enhances operational efficiency by allowing you to transport two bales at once—one on the table and another on the forks. The forks are hydraulically powered for easy loading and unloading.

Robust Construction

Made with industry-tested steel for durability and longevity. Equipped with two ribbed tractor tires for smooth operation with an option to upgrade to industrial tractor lug tires for better traction.

Adjustable and Safe Design Features

Includes an adjustable chute for even distribution of processed material, a travel lock for safe operation and transport, and an adjustable deflector to switch between bedding, feeding, or windrowing.

Versatile Flail and Paddle Rollers

The flail roller, which is PTO-driven, is adaptable to both 540 or 1000 RPM, ensuring it can easily chop through various bale types. The upper paddle roller, hydraulically controlled, enhances the material flow and distribution.

Extra Equipment Options

Offers optional features like a narrow track kit suitable for produce fields, enhancing the machine’s flexibility and adaptability to different farming needs.

Customizable Cutting Tools

Features adjustable cutting knives for a finer and more consistent spread, optimizing the material for bedding or mulching uses.

At FarmTech Machinery, we know you are the kind of farmer who wants quick bale processing with minimal feed wastage and less effort. In order to be that way, you need a bale processor that can process square single-handedly with the help of a tractor.

The problem is that some bale processors are not compatible with chopping huge square bales or tend to overprocess, resulting in more waste and disappointing texture which makes you feel dissatisfied to use them as bedding or mulching. We believe that you need a suitable bale processor that is effective to use for square bales, regardless of whether wet or frozen.

We understand the Australian farmers’ desire for a dependable square bale processor. That’s why we recommend the BALE BOSS 2-Tubeline, a reliable bale processor with a flail rotator and adjustable chute that ensures well-processed square bales without so much waste and is less laborious. Here’s how it works: with the BOSS BALE 2 attached to a tractor, the loading arm then picks up the bale, and the push arm pushes it towards the paddle roller that feeds the top portion of the bale downwards to the belt-driven flail rotator that finely chops the bale consistently.

So get in touch with Farmtech today, so you can stop the unnecessary waste of your square bales and start providing your livestock with finely chopped hay for better digestion with less waste and less effort!

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Manufactured in Australia