BK60 Bale Handler

Efficiently slices through bales for easy feeding and handling. Manual bale cutting can be time-consuming and labour-intensive, slowing down feeding operations. The BK60 Bale Knife swiftly cuts through bales, facilitating easier feeding and handling for improved livestock management.

Blade Length

5’ Bale Knife

Bale Size

5’ Round Bales

Operation Type


Design Type

Modular with Multiple Attachment Options

BK60 - 3 PL - HLA

Unleashing Efficiency with Every Slice

Efficient Operations

Heavy-Duty Construction

Long-Lasting Knive's Edge


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

BALE DIAMETER (in) 48-60
BALE WIDTH (in) 60


Many Australian Farmers struggle with efficiently removing wrapping from tightly packed bales for nutrient-rich silage preparation. The BK60 – 3 PL by HLA, offered by FarmTech Machinery, expertly slices up to 5ft diameter bales while entirely separating the wrap and netting, significantly cutting down Total Mixed Ration (TMR) processing time and enhancing feed accessibility.

BK60 3PL Overview

The HLA BK60 – 3 PL presents an effective solution tailored for Australian farmers dealing with the challenge of processing tightly wrapped bales for nutrient-rich silage. This tool is designed to efficiently separate the wrap and netting from bales, facilitating a smoother and faster transition from bale to feed.

Design and Standard Features

Bale Processing Efficiency

Designed to slice bales up to 5ft in diameter, enabling rapid processing and access to nutrient-rich silage.

Single Hydraulic Valve Operation

Simplifies the operational process, allowing for easier handling and reducing the time taken to prepare feed.

Integrated Kverneland Tines

Ensures durability and robust performance, allowing for effective penetration and cutting of tightly packed bales.

Adjustable Bumper

Accommodates various bale sizes, from 48” upwards, enhancing flexibility and efficiency in bale handling.

Bolt-on Knives

Provides versatility and ease of maintenance, ensuring sharp cuts and efficient separation of wrap and netting from bales.

Versatile Attachment Options

Including manure fork, log grapple, side discharge, free stall scraper, and a 2 prong spear, expanding the utility of the implement beyond just bale cutting.

Proprietary Grabber Mechanism

Ensures that wrap and netting are securely held separate from the bale, significantly reducing TMR (Total Mixed Ration) processing time by up to 30%.

At FarmTech Machinery, we know you are the kind of farmers who want tightly-wrapped bales for high-nutrient silage efficiently. To be that way, you need a reliable farming implement that does the job.

The problem is that cutting the bales out of their wrappers takes time and can often result in clumsy bale handling, which significantly increases the time and effort for acquiring high nutrient silage. We believe Australian farmers deserve the best farming implements that allow them to be cost and time-efficient.

We understand this plight. We offer the BK60 – 3 PL by HLA for all your bale handling needs. Here’s how it works: First, the Bale Knife holds onto the wrap and netting, so when the knife slices upwards into the bale, the hay falls down and away, separating the wrap and netting from the feed. Next, the pincher and cutting arm operate simultaneously, ensuring you have a tight grip on your bale before you start slicing.

So contact our agents so you can stop worrying about clumsy bale handling and start being more efficient with your time and effort when dealing with silage.

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Manufactured in Australia