OFD – Offset Disc – DiscX

Heavy Duty Offset Disc to Relieve compaction, integrate trash, and develop the perfect seed bed

Seedbed Preparation

Reliable and Robust Design

Highly Versatile and Adaptable


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

MODEL OFD 2061 OFD 2461
No. of Discs (pcs) 20 24
Total Height (mm) 1300 1300
Total Width (mm) 2240 2680
Total Length (mm) 5150 5150
Working Width (mm) 2240 2680
Diameter of Discs (mm) 560/610 560/610
Required Power (hp) 75-80 90-95
Total Weight (kg) 1800 1900

OFD Offset Disc- DiscX

Australian farmers often face the challenge of preparing weed-free soil with good tilth in hard and compacted ground. The DiscX OFD  makes soil preparation easy, offering deep soil penetration and effective mixing to relieve compaction, enhance aeration, and disrupt weed growth, ensuring an optimal seedbed for sowing.

OFD Offset Disc Overview

The DiscX OFD is a robust and powerful heavy offset disc designed specifically for primary tillage purposes on farms. With its formidable capabilities, this tillage implement is essential for digging deep into the ground to effectively relieve soil compaction and thoroughly mix the soil.

Design and Standard Features

Deep Soil Penetration for Primary Tillage

The DiscX OFD is engineered for efficient primary tillage, capable of breaking up and turning over compacted soil layers, making it an essential tool for preparing the seedbed and enhancing seed germination prospects.

Enhanced Soil Aeration

Its unique design allows for deep soil penetration, significantly improving aeration, which in turn enhances soil structure and boosts nutrient availability for crops, crucial for healthy plant growth.

Effective Weed Control

The offset disc is adept at cutting and mixing soil, disrupting weed growth patterns, and burying weed seeds deep below the surface, which helps prevent weed emergence and reduces competition for essential nutrients and sunlight.

Labor and Time Efficiency

Designed for ease of use and operational efficiency, the DiscX OFD facilitates quicker and more precise tillage operations compared to traditional methods, offering significant savings in time and labor.

Optimization of Soil Tilth

The equipment excels in breaking down soil clods and alleviating compaction, thereby improving the soil’s tilth. This results in a softer, more friable seedbed that fosters robust root development and nutrient absorption.

Versatility and Adaptability

Equipped with hydraulic folding mechanisms and wheels for easy transport, and featuring adjustable angles for optimal tillage, the DiscX OFD meets various soil conditions and operational needs. Its availability in different sizes and the requirement for tractors between 90-100 HP make it adaptable to a wide range of farm sizes and soil types.

Heavy-Duty Construction and Low Maintenance

Built with large bisalloy discs and high-security SR hubs, the DiscX OFD is designed for durability and reliability. The maintenance-free hubs ensure optimal performance and protection against wear and tear, minimizing upkeep costs.

At FarmTech Machinery, we know you are the kind of farmers who want to consistently produce weed-free and loose seedbeds. In order to be that way, you need reliable offset disc harrows capable of breaking up compacted soil and destroying existing stubble.

The problem is that poor-quality disc harrows receive significant damage when cultivating rocky terrain, causing bent discs and uneven cultivation, which makes you feel distrustful about investing in similar machines by other brands. We believe every farmer must have access to good quality equipment that will last season after season of heavy use. 

We understand the demand for durable disc harrows that meet and exceed expectations. That’s why we developed the Agromaster OFD Offset Heavy Disc Harrow, a cultivator made from heavy-duty steel for maximum durability. Here’s how it works: Its discs are manufactured using Boron steel for an unmatchable toughness that withstands even the most extreme landscapes and its chassis is made from heavy-duty steel to withstand abrasive use.

So contact our team now, so you can stop settling for loose, brittle, bent discs that dig and start consistently cultivating granulated seedbeds throughout vast acres of land.

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