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CropCrimper - Farmtech

Many Australian Farmers struggle with the efficient termination of cover crops and weeds without resorting to expensive and potentially harmful chemicals. The Farmtech CropCrimper offers a sustainable and chemical-free solution, crimping cover crops to create a mulch mat that enhances soil moisture and nutrient return, allowing direct planting of the cash crop into the enriched soil.

CropCrimper Overview

Australian farmers often contend with the challenges of terminating unwanted cover crops and weeds while preparing for the next planting season. The prevalent use of chemicals and herbicides, though effective, can lead to increased expenses, soil degradation, and herbicide resistance. The Farmtech CropCrimper presents an innovative, chemical-free solution, offering an efficient and sustainable approach to managing cover crops and weeds.

Design and Standard Features

Chemical-Free Weed and Cover Crop Termination

The CropCrimper offers an efficient, herbicide-free method of killing cover crops and weeds, improving soil health and reducing chemical dependence.

Soil Moisture Retention and Health Improvement

The machine crimps cover crops, leaving a mulch mat that retains moisture and enhances soil nutrients, facilitating better growth conditions for cash crops.

Durability with Australian Steel Construction

Built with heavy-duty Australian steel, ensuring the machine withstands various field conditions and retains its shape for effective crimping.

Compatibility with Aervator Frames

Designed to fit standard Aervator frames, allowing for versatile use and integration into existing farm machinery setups.

Adjustable Weight System

Features a hollow roller that can be filled with water or fitted with optional concrete weights to increase the crimping effectiveness based on field requirements.

Long-Term Cost Savings

Investing in the CropCrimper leads to significant savings over time by reducing the need for expensive herbicides and improving soil health, which can result in better crop yields.

Environmental Benefits

By reducing the need for chemical treatments, the CropCrimper promotes a more sustainable and eco-friendly farming practice.

At FarmTech Machinery, we know how important it is to prepare your field for the next planting season. In order to be that way, weeds and cover crops must be removed

The problem is that using chemicals and herbicides can cause soil damage and weeds build resistance over time, causing you to spend more on stronger herbicides and affecting your profit. We believe that using a chemical-free method to eliminate cover plants and weeds is better for your soil and pocket.

We understand that the quality of your harvest starts with the soil being free from other plants and weeds. That’s why we bring to you the FarmTech CropCrimper, a cost-effective and natural method of ceasing the growth of unnecessary plants and bringing back nutrients to the soil for planting. Here’s how it works: After installing the CropCrimper on the tractor or aerator, you just need to go through the field to leave a mulch mat. No herbicides, no hassles, no weeds.

So get in touch with our team today, so you can stop using harmful chemicals on your fields and start a more natural method of eliminating excess plants and providing nutrient-rich soil for your cash crops.

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