Working Width

3.0 M - 4.0 M

Operation Type


Required HP

150 - 200 HP

Working Depth

30 cm

Cross S

Efficiently prepare your fields for planting. Uncultivated and compacted soil layers hinder root penetration and minimize crop yields. The UNIA Cross S robust design combines deep ripping and speed discing functions and versatile roller options to ensure optimal soil preparation, streamlining farming operations and enhancing productivity.

UNIA Cross S Speed Disc

Multipurpose Tilling Solution That Will Produce Soil That’s Ready for Planting

ARES Cross S Working Width/ HP
3.0m / 150-180 hp
3.5m/ 160-190 hp
4.0m/ 170-200 hp

Deep Compaction Relief

Heavy-Duty Build

Pre-Planting Equipment


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

3 3 3.5 4 4
Type of cultivator Mounted
Working width (m) 3 3 3.5 4 4
Type of harrow (pc) A ø460
No. of CX tines (pc) 10 12 12 13 15
Tine spacing (cm) 30 25 29 31 27
Max. working depth of tines (cm) 30 (without undercutters)
Max. working depth of discs (cm) 8÷9
Clearance under the frame (cm) 85
Spacing of tine rows (cm) 80
Working speed (km/h) 10÷15
Effective capacity (ha/h) 3.0÷4.5 3.0÷4.5 3.5÷5.25 4.0÷6.0 4.0÷6.0
Power demand (HP) 150÷180 150÷180 160÷190 170÷200 170÷200
Operators (No.) One
Overall Length (cm) 420
Overall Width (cm) 374 374 424 474 474
Overall Height (cm) 160
Transport width (m) 3 3 3.5 4 4
Weight without accessories (kg) 2110 2270 2470 2670 2850

UNIA Cross S Speed Disc

Australian farmers struggle with dry, compacted soils that hinder crop growth and reduce yields. The UNIA Cross S Speed Disc offers a robust solution by combining deep ripping and speed disc functions, effectively breaking up compacted soil layers and rejuvenating fields for healthier and more productive crops.

UNIA Cross S Speed Disc Overview

The UNIA Cross S Speed Disc is a versatile tilling solution designed to tackle the challenges of dry and compacted soils faced by Australian farmers. This fixed frame Deep Ripper and speed disc combo feature CX tines for deep chiselling, A-Type disc harrows for soil penetration, and a robust chisel plough design for stability and maneuverability. With its reconfigurable options and DRIVE System compatibility, the Cross S offers farmers a customizable approach to soil preparation, ensuring optimal conditions for planting and maximizing yields.

Design and Standard Features

Multipurpose Tilling Solution

The UNIA Cross S Speed Disc serves as a comprehensive solution for soil preparation, combining the functions of deep ripping and speed discing into a single machine. This versatility allows farmers to streamline their tilling operations and achieve optimal soil conditions for planting various crops throughout the season.

Deep Ripper with Speed Disc Combo

 With its integrated CX tines and A-type disc harrows, the Cross S excels in breaking up compacted soil layers and promoting soil aeration, root penetration, and nutrient distribution. This deep chiselling capability improves soil structure, enhances water infiltration, and encourages healthy root development, leading to increased crop yields and quality.

Robust Chisel Plow Design

Engineered with a fixed frame and chassis, the Cross S provides stability and durability in demanding field conditions. The Cat III hitch with suspension axle ensures smooth operation and precise maneuverability, allowing farmers to effectively navigate uneven terrain and achieve consistent tillage results across the field.

Reconfigurable for DRIVE System

Farmers benefit from the Cross S’s adaptability, as it can be reconfigured to accommodate different soil conditions and cropping systems. The compatibility with the DRIVE System allows for seamless integration of additional harrow rows, providing farmers with greater flexibility in adjusting tillage intensity and achieving optimal seedbed preparation for improved crop establishment and performance.

A-Type Disc Harrows

The inclusion of A-Type disc harrows enhances Cross S’s soil penetration capabilities, effectively cutting through tough vegetation and residue while loosening compacted soil. The integration of rubber shock absorbers on each disc minimizes wear and tear on the machine, prolonging its lifespan and reducing maintenance costs for farmers.

CX Tines for Deep Chiseling

Featuring multiple rows of CX tines with pad-welded chisels and undercutters, the Cross S effectively penetrates deep into the soil, breaking up compaction layers and alleviating soil constraints. This deep chiselling action improves soil tilth, promotes root exploration, and enhances nutrient availability, laying the foundation for healthy crop growth and maximizing yield potential.

Versatile Roller Options

The choice between solid steel pipe roller and pneumatic tyre roller allows farmers to tailor their tillage operations to specific field conditions and cropping preferences. The solid steel pipe roller provides excellent soil consolidation and levelling, while the pneumatic tyre roller offers superior ground contour following and seedbed firming, ensuring optimal soil-seed contact and facilitating uniform crop emergence and establishment.

At FarmTech Machinery, we know you are the kind of farmer who wants to solve your compaction issue and increase your soil’s productivity. In order to be that way, you need a robust machine that will turn your field over without harming your soil’s natural composition.  

The problem is that most implements can only do the former, which requires you to do additional maintenance tasks to mitigate the damage. We believe that combining a deep ripper and speed disc in one machine solves that problem which leads to a more sustainable and profitable field.  

We understand the challenge Australian farmers go through. That’s why we have the UNIA Cross HP. Not only does it drill the ground, it also does seeding and fertilizer spreading at once! Here’s how it works: the seed drill goes through the ground with its 24-row tine drill. Once the proper holes are made, the double shoot system supplies the right seed and fertilizer for optimal growing.  

So talk to our sales specialist today, so you can stop working with mediocre, single-purpose farming equipment and start fast-tracking your way to an optimally growing farm.

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