Rapidly prepare seedbeds that are ready for planting. Inconsistent soil tilth and cloddy seedbeds can result in uneven crop emergence and growth, leading to yield losses. The Disc-O-Mulch is designed with high working speeds and High-Performance Independent Discs to allow you to cover more ground quickly resulting in loose and healthy seedbeds.

Working Width

3.0 M - 12.0 M

Chassis Construction

Fixed/Folding Frame

Required HP

75 - 450 HP

Operation Type


Disc-O-Mulch GOLD – Speed disc – Agrisem

Giving you seamless preparation for seedbed at high working speeds

Disc-O-Mulch GOLD Working Width / HP

3.0m / 75-130 hp

3.5m / 90-160 hp

4.0m / 110-180 hp

4.5m / 130-200 hp

5.0m / 150-220 hp

Seedbed Preparation

Reliable and Robust Design

Highly Versatile and Adaptable


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

Working Width (m) 3 3.5 4 4 4.5 5
Weight (kg) -With Cage Roller 2130 2300 2620 3150 3600 3860
Power (-hp) 75-130 90-160 110-180 110-180 130-200 150-220
No. of disc (pcs) 24+1 28+1 32+1 32+1 36+1 40+1
Working Width (m) 4.5 5 6 7.5 9 10 12
Weight (kg) -With Cage Roller 5570 6070 6380 9100 10,020 13,300 15,680
Power (-hp) 150-210 170-250 190-280 230-360 300-420 350-450 350-450
No. of disc (pcs) 36+1 40+1 48+1 60+1 72+1 80+1 96+1

Disc-O-Mulch Gold Speed disc- Agrisem

Many Australian farmers struggle with managing crop residues and preparing seedbeds efficiently. The Disc-O-Mulch Gold addresses this with its large diameter discs and 3D security system for blockage-free, high-speed operations.

Disc-O-Mulch Gold Speed disc Overview

The Disc-O-Mulch Gold stands out as a premier independent disc stubble-breaker tailored to meet the high-performance needs of modern agriculture. It is designed specifically for efficient destruction of crop residues and seamless seedbed preparation at high working speeds.

Design and Standard Features

High-Performance Stubble-Breaking

The Disc-O-Mulch Gold is designed as a high-performance independent disc stubble-breaker, ideal for breaking down crop residues and preparing seedbeds at high working speeds, meeting the demands of modern Australian farming practices.

Large Diameter Discs for Efficient Operation

Equipped with two rows of large diameter discs (610 mm at the front and 560 mm at the back), the Disc-O-Mulch ensures effective, blockage-free work, even in conditions with high amounts of crop residues, allowing for uninterrupted and productive farming.

Maintenance-Free Hubs for Reliability

The discs are mounted on high-quality, maintenance-free hubs, reducing the time and cost associated with machine upkeep and ensuring consistent performance and reliability.

Variety of Rollers for Soil Consolidation

A wide selection of available rollers makes this machine adaptable to various soil conditions, ensuring efficient soil consolidation and optimal seedbed preparation regardless of the farming environment.

3D Security with Spring Percussion

Featuring a 3D security system with 35×35 mm spring percussion, the Disc-O-Mulch Gold guarantees regular work and power savings, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing fuel consumption.

Adaptability for Different Working Conditions

The broad range and adaptability of the Disc-O-Mulch Gold, combined with its robust design, make it suitable for a variety of soil types and working conditions, ensuring that Australian farmers can achieve the best possible results in seedbed preparation and crop residue management.

Versatile Machine Options

The Disc-O-Mulch Gold range includes mounted, trailed, and folding machines with working widths from 3m to 12m, offering solutions for farms of all sizes and ensuring that every farmer can find a model to suit their specific needs.

At FarmTech Machinery, we understand that efficient and effective stubble management is crucial for preparing your land for the next planting season. Farmers require robust, high-performance tools to handle the demands of crop residue management and seedbed preparation without slowing down.

The challenge lies in finding a machine that can operate under heavy residue conditions without clogging, ensuring a clean, well-prepared field. We believe that your success starts with the right equipment, enabling you to manage stubble effectively and prepare your soil with minimal effort and maximum efficiency.

Don’t let the challenge of crop residue and soil preparation hold you back from achieving the highest quality planting conditions. Choose the Disc-O-Mulch Gold from FarmTech Machinery and turn your soil into a fertile foundation for your next crop. Contact us today to learn more and to find the right model for your needs.

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Manufactured in Australia