DTM Beta – Speed Disc – Minos Agri

Relieve soil compaction, integrate stubble and end with a seedbed finish ready for sowing!

Seedbed Preparation

Reliable and Robust Design

Highly Versatile and Adaptable


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

Number of discs 20 24 28
Working depth with ¢ 560 mm discs (mm) Upto 150
Working depth with ¢ 610 mm discs (mm) Upto 200
Working width (mm) 2700 3200 3700
Overall width (mm) 2900 3400 3900
Overall length in operation (mm) 2840
Transit-mode length (mm) 2060
Overall height in operation (mm) 1510
Transit-mode height (mm) 2280
Weight with cage roller (kg) 1520 1805 2100
Weight with double cage roller (kg) 1660 1960 2300
Required tractor power (HP) 78-85 95-110 120-140

DTM Beta – Speed Disc – Minos Agri

With the DTM Beta Speed Disc you’re guaranteed well-mixed, loosened soil with a seedbed finish ready for seeding every time, in a single pass.

Traditional farming methods set Primary and Secondary tillage in separate passes. Resulting in high costs of labor and diesel.

DTM Beta – Speed Disc Overview

The Beta DTM Speed Disc is an exceptional disc harrow. That offers unparalleled performance when it comes to paddock restoration and preparation for sowing. The machine is equipped with a coil spring suspension, making it ideal for use on a wide range of soil types and conditions.

The Speed Disc is designed to integrate crop residues easily. Thanks to its highly aggressive front disc and the geometry of the rear disc to turn the soil over. This machine is perfect for preparing the soil for sowing. As it ensures optimal soil flow and soil penetration, resulting in a fine and level finish.

One of the most notable features of the Beta DTM Speed Disc is its coil spring suspension. The suspension ensures that the discs and arms are not damaged by impacts with objects under the soil. This feature not only ensures the longevity of the machine but also minimizes the need for repairs and maintenance, ultimately reducing operating costs.

With the Beta DTM Speed Disc-Minos, you can achieve a high-quality finish ready for sowing at an optimal operating speed. The machine is perfect for maintaining and improving soil health, promoting plant growth, and improving crop yield.

Design and Standard Features

Innovative Spring Security System

The Spring Security feature protects the disc and arm from damage caused by sub-surface objects. This advanced system absorbs impacts, ensuring discs remain operational even in challenging conditions, thereby extending their lifespan and reducing maintenance needs.

Efficient Two Rows of Discs Configuration

The Beta DTM Speed Disc employs two rows of strategically positioned discs for optimal soil turnover and residue mixing. The front row undercuts and lifts the soil, while the rear row turns it over, ensuring thorough soil loosening and effective incorporation of crop residues for a well-prepared seedbed.

Heavy-Duty Frame Construction

Built with high-quality thick steel plates, the heavy-duty frame provides the strength and durability needed to withstand the toughest farming conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

Scalloped Discs for Superior Soil Mixing

Featuring 22″ / 560mm diameter discs with scalloped edges, the Speed Disc excels in cutting and mixing soil, stubborn weeds, and crop residues, delivering a high-quality, well-integrated seedbed surface.

Cage Roller for Perfect Finish

The inclusion of a cage roller finalizes the soil preparation process by creating a flat, level surface, which is crucial for an excellent seedbed ready for seeding. This feature ensures optimal ground conditions for seed germination and plant growth.

Coil Spring Suspension for Versatility

The machine is equipped with a coil spring suspension, making it suitable for a wide range of soil types and conditions. This feature ensures consistent performance across diverse landscapes, enhancing the adaptability of the Speed Disc to different farming environments.

Optimal Operating Speed for Enhanced Efficiency

Designed to operate effectively at speeds of 10 to 12 kilometers per hour, the Beta DTM Speed Disc maintains proper soil flow and stubble integration, allowing for efficient soil loosening and mixing without compromising on quality or speed.

At FarmTech Machinery we know you are the kind of farmer who wants to be efficient in the field while optimizing time and fuel costs. In order to be that way, you need farming implements that can produce maximized results at the least time and expense. 

The problem is that traditional farming equipment requires at least two passes to properly loosen compacted soil, which eats a lot of your time and fuel to get the desired results. Australian farmers deserve efficient farming implements without breaking the bank. 

We understand the struggle Australian farmers are going through. That’s why we have the DTM Beta Speed Disc from Minos Agri. Here’s how it works: Using two disc harrows, the DTM Beta Speed Disc breaks through the compacted soil and loosens it. It also integrates stubble at the same time to create a seedbed that’s ready for your seeds.  

So get in touch with our sales team today, so you can stop going through multiple passes just to achieve a desirable seedbed and start achieving the results you want quicker.

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