DTM Series – Speed Disc – DiscX

Relieve Compaction while Integrating Stubble and leave Behind a Perfect Seedbed Finish

Seedbed Preparation

Reliable and Robust Design

Highly Versatile and Adaptable


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

MODEL NO. DTM-14 DTM-16 DTM-18 DTM-20 DTM-24 DTM-28
No. of Discs 14 16 18 20 24 28
Diameter of Discs (mm) 510mm 510mm 510mm 510mm 510mm 510mm
Working Width (m) 1.8m 2.0m 2.2m 2.5m 3.0m 3.5m
Machine Weight (kg) 890kg 960kg 990kg 1280kg 1350kg 1460kg
Required Power (HP) 80-90HP 80-90HP 80-100HP 80-100HP 80-110HP 90-120HP

DTM Series Speed disc- DiscX

Many Australian farmers struggle with soil compaction in their paddocks, robbing them of productivity; the DTM Multidisc tiller can help.

The DTM Speed Disc Series is a farm implement attachment that turns your compacted soil into well-tilled soil with a seedbed finish.

DTM Series Speed disc Overview

DTM Series by Minos is a Speed disc designed for efficient and effective tillage. This heavy-duty speed disc is built with high-quality thick steel plates that ensure its durability and long-lasting performance. With working speeds of 10-12kph, this disc harrow quickly and efficiently breaks up soil compaction and integrates crop residues for a finely prepared seedbed finish.

The DTM Speed Disc-Minos is ideal for farmers looking to improve their planting techniques while saving time and increasing productivity. This disc harrow is designed to relieve soil compaction and turn soil over, which helps to eliminate stubborn weeds and plant residues quickly and easily. It is suitable for use in various soil types, making it a versatile option for many farmers.

Design and Standard Features

Heavy Duty Frame

The Heavy Duty Frame is designed to handle the harsh conditions of rough terrain, rocky soil, and uneven paddocks. It is made from high-quality thick steel plates, ensuring durability, resistance to wear and tear, and long-lasting performance. This additional weight ensures that the discs have the necessary pressure to dig deep into the soil.

Two Rows of Discs

Two rows of discs are a common feature in modern disc harrows, including popular models such as the DTM Speed Disc.  The main purpose of having two rows of discs is to effectively undercut the soil and lift it in such a way that the momentum of the machine moving forward allows the rear discs to catch it and turn it over. This helps to break up clumped-up soil, manage soil compaction and create the ideal flow of soil needed when integrating crop residues.

Cage Roller

The Cage Rollers are often used with speed discs or disc harrows because of the finish they leave on the soil. Its main purpose is to provide a flat and even finish on the soil, which is ideal for preparing soil before sowing seeds. With this type of roller, there is no need for a second pass with a secondary tillage machine, saving time and money.

Working speed

High-speed discs like the DTM Speed Disc – Minos work best when operated within a specific speed range. To get the best results from these machines, it is recommended to operate them at a speed of between 10 to 12 kilometers per hour.


One standout feature of the DTM Speed Discs is their disc design.The discs are 22″ / 560mm in diameter and have scalloped edges.They are made of Boron steel alloy, which gives them maximum strength and durability, ensuring long life.This design allows for efficient soil cutting and mixing, ensuring that stubborn weeds and crop residues are effectively managed.The notched discs and flow of soil also provide thorough soil conditioning, leaving the soil ready for planting.

Rubber Suspension Speed disc

Rubber Suspension is used to protect the disc arms and hubs from impact and other forms of damage. It’s an important feature that enhances the durability and longevity of this agricultural tool, making it ideal for heavy-duty work in even the toughest farming conditions.

Working Widths

When it comes to DTM speed discs, there are a variety of working widths available. These sizes range between 1.8 meters and 3.5 meters, allowing farmers and agriculture professionals to choose the size that is best for their needs.

At FarmTech Machinery, we know you are the kind of farmers who want to make seed bedding easier and more efficient. In order to be that way, you need loose, well-tilled soil free from compaction.

The problem is that most paddocks experience soil compaction, leading to difficulty in seed planting and in seeds growing poorly. We believe Australian farmers should be able to relieve their fields of tight, compacted soil.

We understand that Australian farmers want to effectively create the perfect seed bedding that deals with unearthing roots and breaking up compact soil. That’s why we offer our Minos Agri DTM Speed Discs as a reliable way of efficient seed bedding. Here’s how it works: Hook up a DTM Speed Disc to your tractor. Next, run your tractor at a steady pace of 12km/h. Lastly, turn your compacted paddock into well-tilled seedbeds.

So get in contact with us, so you can stop wasting precious time and energy and start creating the perfect seed beds for your crops!

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