EcoSow Seeders

Transform any tillage machine into a one-pass Tiller and precise Air Seeder combo!


Efficient Operations

Accurate Dispersion

EcoSow Seeders

Tilling and seeding paddocks using traditional methods is becoming uneconomical.

Aussie farmers looking to modernize and increase efficiency and precision will rely on the new EcoSow Seeders!

EcoSow Seeder Overview

This state-of-the-art air seeder comes with an innovative GPS rate control interface to get more control of the seeds’ application rate. Excellent for tilling and sowing in a single pass Greatly reducing costs in diesel, wear and tear, seeds and fertiliser.

Design and Standard Features

Transforms any tillage machine to a seeder combo

This innovative agricultural machinery empowers farmers to seamlessly convert any tillage equipment into a premium seeder combo. By effortlessly mounting above your existing machinery, the EcoSow Seeder streamlines your operations, allowing for both tilling and seeding in a single pass.

12v Electric Air Seeder

Simplify your seeding process with the 12v Electric Air Seeder, a pinnacle of power and efficiency. Operating both the fan and the seed roller on a 12v electric system, this air seeder offers unmatched ease of operation and control.

UV-resistant Hopper and Stainless steel body

Crafted from durable materials, this 130L yellow hopper withstands the harshest weather conditions, ensuring longevity even under the sun’s relentless rays. For optimal preservation, we recommend storing it under cover when not in use.

The EcoSow Seeder boasts a stainless steel body, a testament to durability, corrosion resistance, and longevity. Combined with high-quality stainless steel components, this air seeder stands strong against corrosion and wear, guaranteeing enduring performance in diverse farming environments.

GPS Rate Control

Maximize efficiency and precision with the GPS Rate Control feature of the EcoSow Seeder. Seamlessly integrate GPS technology into your seeding operations to accurately adjust seed rates based on real-time field conditions. By precisely controlling seed application rates, you can optimize seed usage, minimize waste, and achieve uniform crop establishment across your entire field.

Working Width up to 3.5m

Match the width of your tillage equipment effortlessly with the EcoSow Seeder, accommodating working widths of up to 3.5 meters. The EcoSow Air Seeder comes equipped with a 30mm seed hose and stainless steel deflectors to help achieve uniform seed placement across your entire field, maximising yields and efficiency with ease.

Intuitive In Cab Controller

Easily toggle seed distribution in the headlands or adjust seeding rates without halting your tractor and stepping out. Save time and effort with the ability to store up to 6 programs, eliminating the need for constant reprogramming. With jam and empty hopper sensors, you’ll always be informed if seeding halts unexpectedly, minimizing rework and maximizing efficiency. 

At FarmTech Machinery we know you are the kind of farmer who wants to remove additional costs when seeding. To be that way, you need a seeder that can work with a machine that relieves soil compaction while sowing in a single pass saving fuel and labour. 

The problem is that outdated equipment is no longer as accurate which will harm your efficiency and effectivity. We believe that if you could combine your tilling and sowing into a single pass you would greatly reduce your operating costs.

We understand that not having the perfect equipment for your seeding needs can hurt your farming season. That’s why we highly recommend the EcoSow Air Seeder. This machine comes with a GPS rate control so you can set the dose you want and the computer makes sure that that is the amount that is dispensed

So if you’re looking for a seeder so you can stop worrying about your next seeding season, EcoSow Air Seeder is the perfect choice for you! It also has a simple start stop switch just at your fingertips for convenience in the headlands. 

If you are still using hand-held seeders for your seeding operations and wish for a better alternative, the EcoSow Air Seeder is what you need.

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Manufactured in Australia