Epan 5

Promotes sustainable nutrient management practices. Improper manure spreading can lead to nutrient runoff and environmental pollution, posing risks to water quality. The Epan 5 Series Manure Spreader’s precision spreading technology minimises nutrient runoff, promoting sustainable nutrient management and environmental stewardship for responsible farming.

Payload Capacity

6 tons - 16 tons

Drive Action

P.T.O. Driven

Axle Type

Single or Tandem Axle

Beater Configuration


Epan 5 - Manure spreader | Vertical Beaters

Keep paddocks Green with consistent and even manure spreading

Rated for Environmental Safety

Durable and Versatile

Built for Precision


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

MODEL Epan 5
EVR 1 Axle EVR 10-6 EVR 12-8 EVR 13-10 EVR 15-12 EVR 14-11 EVR 14-12 EVR 16-12
EVR Tandem EVR 16-12 T
Empty weight (kg) 3 900 4 360 4 530 5 140 4 530 4 820 5 360/ 6 490
Payload (kg) 6 000 8 000 10 000 12 000 11 000 12 000 12 000
Volume (m³) 10,00 11,10 12.3/14.3 13.6/15.8 14.1/16.7 14.1/16.7 15.5/18.3
Loading height (m) 2,22 2,33 2,38 2,47 2,58 2,58 2.67/2.70
Internal body height (m) 1,20 1,20 1,20 1,20 1,40 1,40 1,40
Height under frame (m) 1,50 1,50 1.50/1.70 1.50/1.70 1.70/1.90 1.70/1.90 1.70/1.90

Epan 5 Manure spreader| Vertical Beaters- Jeantil

Many Australian Farmers struggle with keeping paddocks green through consistent and even manure spreading. The Jeantil EVR Epan 5, provided by FarmTech Machinery, solves this with its Vertical Beaters and SMART rate control technology, ensuring high precision and uniform distribution, turning manure into a valuable resource rather than a waste product.

Epan 5 Manure spreader| Vertical Beaters Overview

Australian farmers seeking to enhance their paddock’s fertility with manure face the challenge of ensuring an even spread without waste or environmental impact. The Jeantil EVR Epan 5 Manure Spreader emerges as a precision-engineered solution, designed to provide consistent and even manure spreading, thanks to its vertical beaters and SMART rate control technology.

Design and Standard Features

Vertical Beaters

The Jeantil EVR Epan 5 is equipped with vertical beaters that provide an even and consistent spread of manure, optimizing nutrient distribution and ensuring a uniform application across paddocks.

SMART Rate Control

Equipped with SMART technology, the Epan 5 allows for precise control over the spreading rate, ensuring efficient use of materials and reducing waste.

Large Capacity

With a capacity range from 10 to 26 cubic meters and capable of handling 6 to 16 tons payload, this spreader can accommodate large volumes of manure, reducing the number of trips needed for application.

Spring Draw Bar

Provides enhanced maneuverability and stability, especially in uneven terrain, reducing the stress on the tractor and the spreader for a smoother operation.

Moving Floor Chains

Facilitate a steady and controlled flow of manure to the beaters, ensuring even distribution and preventing blockages for a hassle-free operation.

Heavy-Duty Body and Frame

Constructed with a robust steel frame and body, the Epan 5 is designed to withstand the rigors of farm work, ensuring longevity and reliability in tough Australian conditions.

Flotation Tires

Designed for minimal soil compaction and better traction in all types of terrain, ensuring that the spreader moves smoothly and maintains consistent spreading.

At FarmTech Machinery, we know you are the kind of farmers who want to promote a more environmentally-friendly way of fertilising using livestock manure. To be that way, you need a capable farming tool to properly handle and process the manure to maximise its nutrients.

The problem is that spreading inconsistency can happen when using manure, resulting in uneven distribution and compaction in some areas, making you feel the need to use inorganic fertiliser. We believe you need to use a more reliable manure spreader machine with high precision spreading capacity.

We understand the farmers’ need for a dependable manure spreader. That’s what the Jeantil EVR Epan 5 is for! It has vertical spreaders and uses SMART technology innovation to control spread and flow rate to ensure even and consistent spreading.

So get in touch with FarmTech today. So you can stop dealing with the inconsistencies of manure spreading on your paddocks and start using a spreader with high precision and a regulated flow rate.

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Manufactured in Australia