EPAN 6 - Manure Spreader - Jeantil





EPAN 6 - Manure Spreader - Jeantil

Increased Crop Yields from Efficient Manure And Compost Spreading

Rated for Environmental Safety

Durable and Versatile

Built for Precision


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

MODEL Epan 6
EVR 1 Axle EVR 14-11 EVR 14-12 EVR 16-12 EVR 18-14
EVR Tandem EVR 16-12 T EVR 18-14 T EVR 21-15 T EVR 23-16 T
Empty weight (kg) 4 530 4 820 5 360/6 490 5 720/6 990 8 000 8 300
Payload (kg) 11 000 12 000 12 000 14 000 15 000 16 000
Volume (m³) 1 410 1 410 1 550 1 720 2 000 2 220
Loading height (m) 2.58 2.58 2.67/2.70 2.67/2.70 2.75 2.75
Internal body height (m) 1.40
Height under frame (m) 1.70

EPAN 6 - Manure Spreader - Jeantil

Australian farmers often struggle with uneven manure and compost distribution, leading to decreased crop yields and soil health. By optimizing soil enrichment and promoting even crop growth, the EPAN 6 facilitates sustainable farming practices and maximizes agricultural productivity.

EPAN 6 - Manure Spreader Overview

Experience unparalleled precision and efficiency in manure spreading with the EPAN 6 – Manure Spreader by Jeantil. This state-of-the-art implement revolutionizes manure spreading, leveraging advanced technology to ensure unparalleled uniform distribution. Designed to optimize soil health and enhance crop productivity, the EPAN 6 sets a new standard in agricultural innovation, empowering farmers to achieve exceptional results in their farming operations.

Design and Standard Features

SMART Electric Rate Controls

Integrated with SMART electric rate controls, the EPAN 6 offers precise flow rate regulation, with customizable t/ha settings and a DPA rate control system that dynamically adjusts flow rate based on forward speed, ensuring accurate and efficient manure distribution.

Wide Spreading Range

With its twin spinners covering a wide range of 12 to 24 meters, the EPAN 6 maximizes spreading efficiency, reducing the time and labor required for spreading operations while ensuring comprehensive coverage across large areas.

Loading Capacity

Tailor your spreading operations with loading capacities ranging from 14 to 26 m³, providing flexibility to match your specific needs and ensuring uninterrupted spreading without the need for frequent refills, enhancing productivity on the farm.

Innovative Parabolical Body

Featuring an innovative parabolical body design, the EPAN 6 facilitates effortless emptying and cleaning, streamlining operational efficiency and maintenance tasks, ultimately reducing downtime and maximizing productivity on the farm.

Heavy-Duty S355 Steel Frame

Engineered with a robust S355 steel frame and integrated chassis, the EPAN 6 exhibits exceptional resistance to wear and loading, guaranteeing durability and longevity even in the most demanding operating conditions, ensuring reliable performance year after year.

Efficient Moving Floor

Equipped with a 2-chained moving floor featuring 80×40 mm bolted bars, the EPAN 6 ensures consistent material flow, enabling optimal spreading performance with smooth and reliable operation, enhancing overall efficiency in manure distribution tasks.

Low-Pressure Wheels

With low-pressure wheels, the EPAN 6 minimizes soil impact during spreading operations, safeguarding soil structure and mitigating compaction for improved long-term soil health, promoting sustainable agricultural practices and preserving soil fertility for future generations.

At FarmTech Machinery, we know you are the kind of farmers who aspire to increase crop yields with precise spreading. To achieve this, you need advanced and reliable equipment for manure and compost spreading.

The problem is that the inefficient spreading of manure can drastically reduce your crop yields, which can be frustrating and disheartening for farmers. We believe Australian farmers deserve access to high-quality equipment to make their work more accessible and efficient.

We understand farmers’ challenges, and that’s why we offer the EPAN 6 Spreader by Jeantil. This farming implement is a versatile multipurpose machine with precision technology for optimal manure spreading, a robust and reliable build, and streamlined monitoring and control solutions.

So contact us today to stop letting inefficient practices hold you back and start enjoying increased crop yields and a more productive farming operation.

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