F41 Stinger – Forage Harvester (Grass Head) – Dion Ag

Efficiently Harvest Grass for Pit Silage

Suitable for Grass

Heavy-Duty Construction

High Output Harvester


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

Kernel Processor Kernel processor kit with 60 % speed differential ratio Optional Optional
Feedroll Package Basic feedroll package Standard Standard
Basic feedroll package with metal detector kit Optional Optional
Gearbox 540 rpm P.T.O., 730 cutterhead (90-120 hp) Optional -
1000 rpm P.T.O., 824 rpm cutterhead (90-150 hp) Optional -
1000 rpm P.T.O., 1033 rpm cutterhead (1.375” yoke) (up to 300 hp) Optional Optional
Wheels 31 x 13.5” Terra Rib single axle (set of 2) Optional -
16.5 x 16.1” Terra Rib single axle (set of 2) Optional Optional
31 x 13.5” Terra Rib tandem axle (set of 4) Optional Optional
31 x 15.5” Terra Track tandem axle (set of 4) Optional Optional
Wagon Hitch Cab controlled electric wagon disconnect Optional -
Spout (F41 only) 12” (30.48 cm) vertical extension kit Optional -
24” (60.96 cm) vertical extension kit Optional -
Horizontal extension kit Optional -
230° spout rotation kit Standard -
Lights Rear mounted spot light kit Optional Optional
Tongue Extension T Tongue extension 6” (15.24 cm) tractor tongue extension Optional Optional
Water Tank Kit 50 gallons (190 litres) water tank kit Optional Optional
Grain Pan Kit Kit Grain pan kit (used in corn ONLY) Standard Standard
Slip Clutch Cutterhead slip clutch kit Optional Optional

F41 Stinger (Grass Head) -DION AG

Many Australian Farmers struggle with efficiently harvesting grass for silage, needing a method that is swift, precise, and cost-effective. The F41 Stinger (Grass Head) from Dion AG, available at FarmTech Machinery, meets this need by combining the functionality of a harvester with the precision of a smaller unit, ensuring fast, efficient grass harvesting and direct processing into manageable pieces for quality silage production.

F41 Stinger (Grass Head) Overview

The F41 Stinger from DION AG revolutionizes the grass harvesting process for Australian farmers. This high-efficiency machine is designed to provide a swift, accurate, and cost-effective method for harvesting grass, transforming it into quality silage for farm use. Its innovative straight-through design streamlines the chopping and collection process, enhancing productivity and maintaining fodder quality.

Design and Standard Features

Straight-Through Design

This design simplifies the processing of plant matter, ensuring efficient harvesting and minimal processing to maintain the quality and nutritional value of the fodder.

Wide View Camera and Onboard Video Monitor

Enables operators to monitor the flow of plant matter and ensure accurate and even distribution onto the wagon, reducing waste and ensuring optimal performance.

19’ Chute With 280° Swivel

Offers flexibility and efficiency in loading trailers from different positions, enhancing the machine’s operational efficiency and adaptability.

Wagon Hitch

Facilitates easy and secure connection to various trailers, increasing versatility and efficiency during the harvesting process.

Kernel Processor

Ensures that the fodder is processed to an optimal size, enhancing the digestibility and nutritional value of the silage, crucial for herd health.

Feedroll Package

This package ensures efficient and consistent feeding of plant matter into the machine, resulting in uniform chopping and processing.

Water Tank Kit

Provides a solution for dust control and plant matter conditioning, further enhancing the quality of the processed fodder.

At FarmTech Machinery, we understand the importance of efficient grass harvesting for creating quality silage. The challenge lies in finding a method that combines speed, precision, and cost-effectiveness without the high investment of a self-propelled harvester.

That’s where the F41 Stinger from DION AG comes into play. Designed for Australian farms, this grass head is engineered for quick, efficient silage harvesting with its innovative straight-through design. This design ensures fast processing without damaging the plant matter, maintaining the nutritional value of your silage.

Don’t compromise on the quality and efficiency of your silage process. Reach out to FarmTech Machinery today to find out how the F41 Stinger can transform your silage harvesting and make it more efficient, cost-effective, and straightforward.

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Manufactured in Australia