Fenix G – Seed Drill – Unia

Highly Efficient Seed Drill for Restoring Paddocks without Starting from Scratch

High Capacity Seed Drill

Heavy Duty Construction

Wide Range of Settings and Customizations


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

Working width [M] 3
Hopper capacity [dm3] 1000
Coulter type SINGLE-DISC 405 mm
Number of coulters [pcs] 32
Coulter pressure 90 kG/COULTER
Standard load 420kg
Additional load 300kg
Type of roller PRISMATIC 450/500 mm
Weight [kg] (standard load) 2950
Power consumption [HP] 140

Fenix G Disc Drill - Unia

Sleek, compact, and modern, the Fenix G Grass Seed Drill from UNIA is specifically designed for reseeding operations with an even, uniform finish.

Australian Farmers often need to reseed their paddocks to sustain forage volume and promote grass with higher quality.

Fenix G Grass Seed Drill Overview

Elevate your reseeding efficiency with the sleek, compact Fenix G Grass Seed Drill from UNIA, brought to you by FarmTech Machinery. Tailored for Australian farmers, this modern seed drill is perfect for refreshing paddocks and enhancing forage quality with precision and ease.

Design and Standard Features

Uniform Seeding Distribution

The Fenix G Grass Seed Drill features a 3-meter working width and employs a pneumatic transfer system to ensure a smooth and consistent seed flow. This technology is particularly effective for fine, lightweight seeds, allowing for shallow, even distribution essential for effective grass growth.

Large Capacity Hopper

Designed to accommodate up to 1,000 liters of seed, the hopper supports extensive reseeding operations without frequent refills. Paired with the modern universal FX metering unit, it enables precise control over seed distribution, ranging from 1.8 to 400 kg/ha, suitable for both fine and coarse grains.

Low Maintenance Requirements

The seed drill is designed with an oil flow controller for smooth adjustment of oil quantity to the hydraulic motor. This feature allows easy adjustment of overpressure levels and ensures the hydraulic system operates efficiently, reducing maintenance needs and downtime.

Optimal Soil Contact with Prismatic Rollers

After seeding, the prismatic rollers, made from soil cast-iron discs, close the furrows made by the coulters. These rollers crush any lumpy material and ensure excellent soil contact, promoting better seed germination and growth by maintaining an even, smooth finish across the field.

Durable and Efficient Coulter Design

Equipped with robust boron steel coulters measuring 405×6 mm, the drill cuts through grass under 90 kg of pressure, leaving the perfect space for cultivator points to deposit seeds at the correct depth. Each coulter is fixed to individual holders and secured with rubber shock absorbers, ensuring durability and consistent seeding depth.

Ease of Use and Versatility

The drill is engineered for ease of adjustment and accurate setting, ensuring seamless operation for different types of seeds and soil conditions. Its design makes it suitable for various reseeding needs, providing Australian farmers with a versatile tool for maintaining and enhancing forage volume and quality.

Efficient and Even Seeding Operation

The Fenix G Grass Seed Drill is designed for efficiency, allowing farmers to reseed their paddocks without starting from scratch, reducing blank spots or patches in the field. This ensures a uniform, high-quality grass coverage across the entire field.

At FarmTech Machinery we know you are the kind of farmer who wants to be able to seed your entire field without patches or blank spots. To be that way, you need reliable seeders that get the job done evenly and cleanly.

The problem is that many seeders in the market either inefficiently sow or find it tricky to regulate seed flow. We believe that Australian farmers deserve efficient seed drills that leave a clean finish.

We understand that Australian farmers want the best for their fields. That’s why we offer the UNIA Fenix G Grass Seed Drill to help you evenly seed your field efficiently!

Here’s how it works: First, attach the seeder to your tractor and power up the machine. Next, drive around your field and let the equipment seed your land.

Lastly, take care and enjoy your newly evenly seeded field.

So call us now, so you can stop dealing with uneven seeding and start evenly distributing all of your seeds in your field.

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Manufactured in Australia